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Meyer-Logistik receives eActros for real world tests

2018-10-25 14:59:43 Source: Chris Randall


  Mercedes-Benz Trucks has handed over another eActros to customers for real world testing: Meyer-Logistik has received the 25 tonne capacity vehicle for operational testing of the transport of temperature sensitive food stuffs from storage locations to multiple super markets in the Hamburger inner city.

Meyer-Logistik receives eActros for real world tests

  Recently, the Mannheim-based company TBS Transportbeton received a specially built eActros with a rig to transport fly ash short distances for their cement business.

  Three Daimler customers have so far also received one eActros each – they are the first of a total of 20 companies from different industry sectors planning to integrate the heavy electric truck into their fleets. The test series of the “Innovationsflotte” launch fleet is structured into two phases with ten customers each and a running time of two years. All test customers will transport goods in urban areas and city traffic, using the e-truck for purposes traditionally reserved for diesel trucks in a number of industry sectors and categories.

  The development and testing of the heavy electric trucks for distribution traffic is being done in the Concept ELV project, which is funded by the German environment ministry (BMUB) and the ministry for economics and energy (BMWi).