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Scania developing fuel cell refuse truck

2018-12-12 15:09:03 Source:Scania


  Scania is developing a fuel cell refuse truck together with Renova, a waste handling company in Sweden. The truck will feature a fully electrified powertrain as well as an electrified compactor. Supported by government agencies, Scania set delivery for 2019/20.

Scania developing fuel cell refuse truck

  Whilst Scania belongs to the Volkswagen Group, the company is heavily invested in its home country Sweden. Thus it is of little surprise that the fuel cell refuse development project receives support from the Swedish Energy Agency and Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology.

  Also Renova is directly involved and expects to begin using the hydrogen refuse truck in the end of 2019, or latest beginning of 2020. While Renova and other waste handling companies have previously carried out trials with electric refuse trucks, this will be the first with fuel cells.

  Technical details are scarce but Scania previously announced that it is developing fuel cell technology in cooperation with the Norwegian food wholesaler Asko. The four distribution fuel cell trucks expected at Asko have a range of 500 km.