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Tesla receives electric truck order from Norway

2019-01-15 15:14:10 Source:tax-free


  The EV maker has received another order from Europe for the the Tesla Semi. Duty-free retailer Travel Retail Norway has ordered two electric trucks to move goods from the warehouse to major airports.

  Travel Retail Norway runs tax free stores at the country’s largest airports and says they have ordered two Tesla Semi electric trucks.

Tesla receives electric truck order from Norway

  The zero emission heavy weights will run between the warehouse and the stores as well as deliver goods from Europe. TRN’s warehouse boasts solar panels that generate enough power to also charge the Tesla EVs with renewable energy.

  When this will be is another question though. Tesla has been running test with semi trailers in California but the start of production remains unclear. Moreover, first deliveries will be to customers in North America. Here, so far the largest orders have come from UPS that want 125 electric trucks reportedly. In Canada, Walmart expects delivery of 30 such Semis.

  Tesla had opened the order books for clients in Europe in December 2017, then prioritising strong EV markets such as Norway and the Netherlands as well as Great Britain.

  Reserving a Tesla Semi electric truck requires a down payment of 20,000 dollars (and 200,000 for the ‘Founder Series’). Pricing for the base version with a range of 480 km shall start at 150,000 dollars. The projected price for 800 km range model is 180,000 dollars.