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The 100th MAN 10x8 Euro 6 delivered in the Netherlands

2019-03-14 10:46:02 Source: MAN


  · 100. MAN 10x8 Euro 6 in the Netherlands

  · Anniversary vehicle goes to transport specialist Westdijk Transport

The 100th MAN 10x8 Euro 6 delivered in the Netherlands

  The TGS 50.500 10x8 WSA is a true construction vehicle flagship. The impressive five axle vehicle comes from the factory as 8x8 with leaf suspension. The certified MAN conversion specialist Wierda Vehicle Engineering in Joure, Netherlands, transformed the chassis into a Dutch-specific construction vehicle with hydraulic suspension on the two rear axles, with the rear also being equipped with a steering system. 

  Before that, the specialists from Wierda mounted a 10 tonne central axle that can be steered and lifted.Due to the specially adapted axle spacing of 180 cm each, this vehicle offers the ideal configuration for optimum load on each axle. The maximum carrying capacity of the two front axles is nine tons, the middle axle ten tons, while the two rear axles may carry 23 tons Since four of the five axles actively steer, the vehicle has a very small turning circle and, in conjunction with the optimal axle load distribution, protects the ground. These adaptations and conversions give the vehicle in the Netherlands a gross vehicle weight of 50 tonnes.

The 100th MAN 10x8 Euro 6 delivered in the Netherlands

Sophisticated concept

  The hydraulic suspension of the last two axles makes tipping very safe. This allows the vehicle to be aligned horizontally. In addition, the vehicle is blocked with the brakes. All functions can be conveniently monitored and operated by the driver on a clear and illuminated display. For Westdijk, MAN was the first choice for this truck because of its sophisticated vehicle concept, but also because of its good relationship with the MAN dealer Van Leeuwen Truckservice.

  "This is the first MAN tipper in our fleet, but we have been working with MAN heavy transport vehicles for years. For us, the 10x8 tippers offer enormous support in our work. A high payload, the correct axle load distribution, maneuverability and a large off-road capability are of great importance to us. MAN is the only truck manufacturer to meet these requirements, "says Willem van Hout, Managing Director of Westdijk Transport.

The 100th MAN 10x8 Euro 6 delivered in the Netherlands

Jubilee version

  Wierda Vehicle Engineering has put a lot of effort into the 100th MAN Euro 6 10x8 in the Netherlands. In close cooperation with MAN dealer Van Leeuwen Truckservice, an anniversary package was put together to give the truck its special touch. 

  The already very comfortable and spacious TGS cabin is equipped according to the special occasion with beautiful leather door panels and seats with exclusive stitching. In terms of safety, a camera system enables optimum all-round visibility.

The 100th MAN 10x8 Euro 6 delivered in the Netherlands


  Westdijk Transport has an extensive fleet of 55 tippers, which are mainly used for earthworks and road works. As of January 1, 2018, this division Westdijks was taken over by Van Grunsven Transport from Uden. In the first five years after the takeover, however, the trucks will continue to be seen on the streets with the name and colors of Westdijk. With this acquisition, Van Grunsven is one of the largest suppliers of tippers in the Netherlands, with offices in Uden, Alphen aan den Rijn, Reuver and Breda. Westdijk Exceptional Transport specializes in special transports throughout Europe and, with a fleet of more than fifty tractor units, offers the right vehicle for every customer. There is a large number of low loaders and semi-trailers available in a variety of configurations with a maximum load capacity of up to 450 tons for various applications.