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FAW Jiefang Practices ESG Concept and Leads Sustainable Development of Commercial Vehicle Industries

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  Under the unified deployment of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Shanghai, North and South China stock exchanges respectively issued the Exposure Draft on February 8, encouraging A-share listed companies to publish ESG reports and putting forward specific requirements on the reporting framework and disclosure content, etc. The concept of ESG, i.e., environment, social and governance, has become the basis for measuring the comprehensive value of modern enterprises.

  The ESG concept, i.e. Environment, Social and Governance, has become a new standard for measuring the comprehensive value of modern enterprises. This marks a new historical stage for the A-share market, requiring companies to take responsibility for the environment and society while pursuing economic benefits, realizing a win-win situation in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits, and becoming a key force in promoting sustainable economic and social development.

FAW Jiefang Practices ESG Concept and Leads Sustainable Development of Commercial Vehicle Industries

  As a leader in the commercial vehicle industry, FAW Jiefang actively responded to the requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), and other regulatory agencies, and formally released its 2023 annual report and ESG report on March 29, which comprehensively demonstrated the company's practical progress and effectiveness in environmental, social, and corporate governance.

  This report is also the sixth time that FAW Jiefang has taken the initiative to disclose to the society since 2018, which demonstrates Jiefang's active commitment to social responsibility as the eldest son of the national vehicle, and its continuous contribution to the sustainable development of the economy, society and environment.

  On April 2, FAW Jiefang elaborated in-depth on Jiefang's excellent work results and future strategic plans for practicing ESG concepts at the 2024 media and investor exchange meeting held in Beijing.In FY2023, the company achieved operating revenue of 63.905 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66.71%, and net profit attributable to the motherland of 763 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 107.66%, demonstrating a strong momentum of development The company has demonstrated strong development momentum.

  Wang Hao, deputy secretary of FAW Jiefang Party Committee and head of labor union, emphasized that FAW Jiefang shoulders political, economic and social responsibilities. As a leading company in commercial vehicles, Jiefang is committed to building a benchmark for ESG practice in the commercial vehicle industry and driving the industry in the direction of green, environmental protection and sustainability.

  In terms of specific practice, Wang Hao further shared with the reporter of Transportation People's Network that in the past year, Jiefang actively fulfilled its corporate ESG responsibilities through donations to rescue and relief work, building green and low-carbon products, and carrying out the "Jiefang Love Pilot Public Welfare Activity" and the "Warm Road Activity of Labor Union Accompanied by You". The company is actively fulfilling its ESG philosophy through practical actions.

FAW Jiefang Practices ESG Concept and Leads Sustainable Development of Commercial Vehicle Industries


  In 2023, FAW Jiefang carried out the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress in depth, adhered to the comprehensive innovation drive, attacked key core technologies, optimized the governance system, and improved the governance capability. At the same time, the company focused on strengthening risk prevention and control, building a strong safety line of defense, and ensuring sound operations. In the action of deepening and improving the reform of state-owned enterprises, FAW Jiefang is aiming at world-class and constantly moving to new heights.

  In strengthening party building, FAW Jiefang always adheres to the leadership of the party, continuously strengthens party construction, consolidates the foundation of the party organization, comprehensively strengthens the deep integration of party building work and production and operation, and effectively transforms the advantages of party building into an inexhaustible impetus to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

  In order to achieve this goal, liberation has taken a series of measures: first of all, to build a strong organizational fortress, "navigation" party building brand as the lead, deepen the "five good and five power" fortress project, created a hundred party building demonstration brand, formed the "1+18+100" party building brand, the "1+18+100" party building brand. "Secondly, the company has strengthened the eradication of grassroots problems, established a "three-tier audit" mechanism, and clarified responsibilities at all levels, so as to turn grassroots party branches into strong battlefields to promote the development of the cause. In addition, the company actively carries out activities such as red education and training, constantly improves the ability of branch secretary team, and strengthens the construction of branch secretary "leader".

  In addition, FAW Jiefang also continuously builds up the ideological foundation, organizes a series of activities such as parade, book publication and achievement exhibition, etc., in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the founding of China FAW, and releases the "17JF" pilot culture, which strengthens the leading role of the culture through cultural propaganda and the examination of the whole staff should know and should be able to know, to enhance the role of the cultural leadership, and to boost the hearts of the people.

  Finally, the company continues to deepen the integration of party building, by carrying out the party merit competition and staff innovation and improvement of merit competition activities, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the party members and staff and the spirit of innovation, to promote the party building and operation of the same frequency resonance, the same direction of force.

  In the exchange meeting, FAW Jiefang party committee member, secretary of the discipline inspection committee Ren Jungle to the transporter network reporter disclosed that FAW Jiefang recently is carrying out the internal quality operation evaluation system, "is to promote the formation of each system on the basis of the IT changes we have just made, the "horse race" mechanism, that is, Huawei's set of human-centered system into the mechanism. People-oriented system down to the mechanism. "

FAW Jiefang Practices ESG Concept and Leads Sustainable Development of Commercial Vehicle Industries

  In terms of innovation drive, FAW Jiefang focuses on improving management innovation, aiming at the two main lines of "business success" and "customer satisfaction", deepening the process of organizational change, and forming an efficient integrated operation mechanism. At the same time, the company takes scientific and technological innovation as the core, continuously improves the R&D capability and output of innovation results, and promotes the high-quality development of the enterprise. 3.105 billion yuan will be invested in R&D by FAW Jiefang in 2023 to promote product innovation.

  On the basis of the existing medium and heavy-duty vehicle product line, FAW Jiefang further set up Qingdao medium and heavy-duty vehicle product line, light-duty vehicle product line, new energy vehicle product line and overseas product line, realizing the integration of marketing system. Through the construction of a new sales and service organization model of "headquarters + sales company + regional department", FAW Jiefang helps the company to build a world-class management system competitiveness.

  The company's technology brand "Jiefang Chuangling" takes the independent innovation technology route as the traction, and focuses on the five directions of "four and one", namely, electrification, low carbonization, intelligence, internet connection and high quality, and constantly strengthens the core ability and R&D ability, and pushes forward the innovations, which demonstrates the leading strength of technology. Technology Leadership Strength.

  With continuous efforts and innovations, FAW Jiefang has made remarkable achievements in corporate governance. In 2023, FAW Jiefang's reform results were highly evaluated by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Republic of China (SASAC), and it was honored as "Creating a World-class Professional Leading Model Enterprise", and won the first place in China's Commercial Vehicle Innovation Ranking for seven consecutive years.


  In 2023, FAW Jiefang adhered to the guidance of ecological priority and green development, and achieved remarkable results in promoting the work of "double carbon". The company increased the use of clean energy, accelerated energy transformation, and developed a circular economy, while playing a synergistic role in energy saving and emission reduction.

  To ensure the implementation of the "dual-carbon" strategy, FAW Jiefang has set up a dual-carbon management committee and eight special working groups, and released the "Jiefang Carbon Neutral Strategic Plan" and the "FAW Jiefang Carbon Peak Action Plan". The company has strengthened technical cooperation, continuously explored new low-carbon technologies and methods, and pushed forward the work of "zero-carbon factory", "photovoltaic application" and "elimination of high-energy-consumption equipment".

  In terms of environmental management, FAW Jiefang continues to improve seven management systems, such as "Environmental Factors Management Procedures"; optimizes the environmental protection emergency response mechanism, and carries out environmental risk emergency response drills on schedule; strengthens the whole-process management of construction projects, and ensures that the pollution prevention and control facilities and the main project meet the "three-simultaneity" requirements of simultaneous design, construction, and put into operation.

  Meanwhile, FAW Jiefang actively builds a green supply chain, and carries out green and low carbon throughout the whole life cycle of product design, procurement, production, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, service, and end-of-life, and creates a green management mode for the whole chain of products, so as to realize the emission reduction of carbon in the whole life cycle of the products and reduce the impact of the production and operation activities of the enterprise on the environment. 2023, FAW Jiefang did not have any incidents of environmental protection violations, and passed the ISO 14001 system certification renewal audit. In 2023, FAW Jiefang did not have any environmental violations and successfully passed the ISO 14001 system renewal audit.

  In addition, in the research and development of new energy technology, FAW Jiefang unswervingly pushes forward the "15333" strategy, continues to increase the green transformation, focuses on the research and development of key core technologies such as power batteries, electric drive systems, vehicle controllers, etc., and realizes the standardization of Internet connection terminals in all models, so as to inject powerful development momentum for the construction of a green, low-carbon and clean society. Dynamic energy.

  In 2023, FAW Jiefang reduced carbon emissions by 35,300 tons, implemented 189 energy-saving and cost reduction projects, and owned four "green factories" certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is worth mentioning that FAW Jiefang also actively cultivates environmental protection culture. For employees to widely carry out energy saving and carbon reduction publicity, education, training and a series of activities, participation and support for environmental protection public welfare projects, to pass on the concept of environmental protection, to help the construction of beautiful China. 2023 to carry out environmental protection training 139 times, the number of participants up to 10,000 people.

Social Chapter 

  In 2023, FAW Jiefang adheres to the responsibility concept of "Harmonious development of human-vehicle-society" and actively fulfills its social responsibility. The company is not only committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, but also joining hands with various partners to build a sustainable ecosystem.

  At the same time, FAW Jiefang knows that employees are the foundation of enterprise development, the company fully protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees, builds a broad platform for growth, protects the safety and occupational health of employees, and attaches great importance to humanistic care. 2023, FAW Jiefang was awarded the "National Model Workers' Home" and "Advanced Collective for the Creation of Harmonious Labor Relations in China". In 2023, FAW Jiefang was honored as "National Model Workers' Home" and "National Advanced Collective in Creating Harmonious Labor Relations".

  In the field of public welfare, FAW Jiefang and the China Workers' Development Foundation jointly launched the "Jiefang Love Pilot - Caring for Truck Drivers" program in 2023, providing truck drivers with all-round care and support. In addition, FAW Jiefang also continues to plough into the field of education, carrying out a number of public welfare programs through donations of materials, assistance in the construction of learning and infrastructure, and industry-academia cooperation to help the education cause flourish and develop.

  In 2023, FAW Jiefang's annual external public welfare donations amounted to 12.05 million yuan, and it carried out more than 80 voluntary service activities, showing a good image of the company actively fulfilling its social responsibility.

  Meanwhile, the company actively responded to the call of the national rural revitalization strategy, based on the needs of the targeted helping areas, precise measures to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside. 2023, FAW Jiefang accumulated more than 8.3 million yuan of purchasing and helping to sell agricultural products of poverty-stricken areas, contributing to the revitalization of the countryside.

  Looking ahead, Wang Hao said, "FAW Jiefang will continue to uphold the responsibility of the eldest son of the national vehicle, tell the story of Jiefang well, and transmit China's positive energy to the world through the overseas market. "He also revealed that Jiefang will land ESG work in China and spread it to the world through a series of concrete actions.

  In 2024, in the face of both opportunities and challenges, FAW Jiefang will continue to move forward, integrate ESG concepts and sustainable development requirements into its corporate development strategy and business practices, realize the unity of economic, social and environmental benefits, and continue to move towards the goal of "No. 1 in China and first-class in the world", and continue to contribute to the global sustainable development. We will continue to make progress towards the goal of "No. 1 in China and world-class", and continue to contribute to the global sustainable development.