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Shining “the Belt and Road“ 530 Ankai buses set sail for Saudi Arabia!

2024-04-16 13:06:50 Source:JAC GROUP



  Spring is full of warm mountains and rivers, and the export of "handing in papers" is full of energy. Since the beginning of this year, Ankai bus orders have become popular and good news has spread frequently, and the international "circle of friends" has expanded to create a new benchmark for "going out to sea". After Ankai pure electric double-decker sightseeing buses were exported to France in large quantities, recently, Ankai buses added a new chapter on the road of "going to sea". 530 buses set sail to Saudi Arabia!

Shining “the Belt and Road“ 530 Ankai buses set sail for Saudi Arabia!

  2024 China's bus "going out to sea" continues to be bullish. As the main bus export force, Ankai bus is guided by new quality productivity, down-to-earth, correct and innovative, and insists on creating greater value for users, the market and Chinese cars. With its consistent excellent quality, Ankai bus has won 530 orders for export to Saudi Arabia, demonstrating once again its strong brand influence and competitiveness.

Take root in the market and improve the gold content of "made in China"

  Today, more than 150 countries and more than 30 international organizations are going both ways along the "Belt and Road Initiative" economic corridor. Chinese bus enterprises, represented by Ankai bus, are actively devising strategies to take advantage of the wind to make Chinese bus brands popular overseas. continue to polish the gold-lettered signboard of "made in China".

Shining “the Belt and Road“ 530 Ankai buses set sail for Saudi Arabia!

  Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries to support and participate in the co-construction of "Belt and Road Initiative". It is known as the "gold market" for China's bus exports, and it is also a key area for Ankai bus overseas layout. As early as 2007, relying on cutting-edge technology and excellent quality, Ankai bus courageously entered the Middle East market and won praise for Chinese passenger cars on the international stage.

  With the upgrading of passenger demand and the continuous development of Hajj transport industry, the Saudi market has an increasingly strong demand for luxury bus products, and there is an urgent need for high-end luxury buses with strong adaptability, reliable performance and high performance-to-price ratio to fill the market gap. Ankai bus continues to explore, understand and respect the core demands of local users, anchor scientific and technological innovation, temper vehicle quality, and continuously strengthen close cooperation with Saudi users to achieve deep ploughing in the local market.

  After nearly 20 years of market baptism, batches of high-quality Ankai buses continue to drive to Saudi Arabia, with a total export of more than 10,000 local vehicles so far. the products cover all areas such as school buses, buses and high-end passenger vehicles serving the tourism and Hajj market, making it the largest bus brand in the Saudi market.

  This time, 530 Ankai buses have been exported to Saudi Arabia again, which further shows that Ankai buses have been deeply rooted in the local public transport system, integrated into people's travel life, and continue to consolidate the brand image and influence of Chinese brands in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East market.

Attentively open up new opportunities for the export of blue ocean services.

  "going out to sea" has become a hot word in the development wave of Chinese enterprises. as the earliest bus manufacturer to implement overseas strategy, Ankai bus relies on good product quality and perfect service system. Step by step to create a Chinese bus sea "golden model", won a number of large orders.

  In order to better make the products meet the actual local needs, Ankai bus conducted an in-depth investigation into the operating environment, road conditions and user habits in Saudi Arabia, and according to the results of the investigation, tailored the vehicles to create bus products suited to local characteristics and comprehensively take the road of "going to sea" for Saudi Arabia.

  The 530 passenger cars exported this time cover a wide range of products, from luxury buses to city buses to student school buses, all reflecting the omni-directional layout of Ankai buses in the field of Saudi mass transportation.

  Among them, Ankai's latest N8 double front gear luxury bus is the main model exported to Saudi Arabia. This car is a high-end product launched by Ankai bus for high-end passenger transport, group commuting and other markets, and will bring a wide field of vision, large space and high-end comfortable driving experience for users and passengers. To meet the harsh car environment in Saudi Arabia and the tidal passenger demand brought about by the annual Hajj will inject new impetus into the Saudi high-end passenger transport market.

  N8 inherits the Kesbauer lineage, has a stylish appearance and exquisite interior decoration, and has an oversized baggage compartment, which can easily hold large items for passengers. At the same time, it is also equipped with Ankai new generation gold power chain technology, which can be configured with a variety of speed ratios according to different working conditions to optimize the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle.

  In addition, in view of Saudi Arabia's extremely hot climate, complex road conditions and user habits, the model has been iteratively upgraded on the basis of the original N8, with high temperature-resistant and anti-aging materials for interior decoration, car-based design for the driving area, luxurious high-back aviation seats in the passenger area, electric front sunshade curtains, atmosphere lights, and built-in high-efficiency refrigeration and air conditioning + the fifth generation of "PM1.0" internal environmental health system. Various directions to meet the needs of different passengers for luxury and comfort.

  In recent years, Ankai bus has successfully entered many countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route, and has won a large number of orders and good reputation with higher-end, more environmentally friendly, more intelligent bus products and professional quality services.

  In the future, Ankai bus will continue to tackle key problems of independent innovation technology, enhance the core competitiveness of independent brands, give a beautiful trip, promote the development of transportation, and continue to polish the Chinese business card of the world automobile stage.