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Five "combinations" to create Zhongtong H-series energy-saving pioneers

2024-05-07 14:46:20 Source:Zhongtong



   According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, just past the "May Day" holiday, the country's domestic tourism outings totaled 295 million people, and the hot trend of the tourism market continues. As a part of the tourism transportation industry, Zhongtong H-series tour buses following the batch delivery of Guizhou, Hubei, Yunnan, Gansu and other places, "May Day" eve, more than a hundred Zhongtong H-series high-end tour buses, and then go to Xinjiang.


   The new era of tourism, comfort and luxury first, fuel efficiency is the king. How to make vehicle operation more efficient and customers more profitable? The 5 energy-saving "combinations" of Zhongtong's H-series tour buses will reveal the secret for everyone.

Optimized design with ultra-low wind resistance

   The aerodynamic design, one-piece deflector hood, hidden top and low wind resistance flow channel in the front windshield make the wind resistance of ZT H series tour bus at least 15% lower than similar models! Complemented by low rolling resistance tires, the rolling resistance of the whole vehicle is precisely reduced.

The whole vehicle is lighter

   Zhongtong's H-series tour buses are not only optimized and upgraded in terms of styling, but also made of more sophisticated materials. More than 75% of the entire bus is made of high-strength steel, and the fully load-bearing body structure, integrated frame design, and key load-bearing structures are all made of QSTE700TM high-strength steel, which makes the entire bus lighter and more fuel-efficient!

Customized Power Leadership

   In terms of power output, Zhongtong H-series tour buses insist on "tailor-made", and are equipped with H-series engines jointly developed with Weichai Power. Relying on the 52% high thermal efficiency platform technology, the engine parameters are synchronously calibrated with those of the whole vehicle, and the degree of adaptability, economy, and dynamics are leading in the industry!

Simulation and Analysis High Transmission Efficiency

   "It is not spring when one flower blooms alone, but better when matched by multiple parties. Zhongtong H-series tour bus simulates and matches the engine, transmission, tires and other components of the whole vehicle, and analyzes the power and economy in depth, in order to obtain the optimal transmission efficiency and select the best matching scheme, so as to make the transmission more efficient.

Dual-pronged Approach for Lower Energy Consumption

   "More skills are not more important. Zhongtong H-series tour buses apply Zhongtong's fourth-generation thermal management technology, which implements ATS intelligent control of engine water and air intake temperatures to reduce fuel consumption.

   For the air conditioner, which is one of the major consumers of energy, the application of energy regulation control system, coupled with the mature sealing and insulation technology of the whole vehicle, the temperature inside the vehicle can be quickly realized, and the power consumption of the compressor can be reduced by 12%.

   Practical data is the most persuasive, and at the "Zhongtong Cup" Bus Driver Technical Competition held in Hangzhou in January 2024, the average fuel consumption of the top three contestants with H9 as the participating model was as low as 11.5L per 100 kilometers, which won the unanimous praise of the personnel at the event.

   Zhongtong's H-series tour buses not only allow passengers to sit comfortably, but also create the industry's "energy-saving vanguard" with five energy-saving "combinations" to help customers operate efficiently and promote the high-quality development of the tourism transportation industry.