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SAIC MAXUS is confident in its overseas journey with a number of trump cards in hand

2024-05-07 15:45:58



   At a time when the domestic automobile market is gradually saturated, completing the layout of the global market is the key for domestic automobile enterprises to effectively resist various risks. Thanks to the advantages of the simultaneous layout of multiple product lines such as light buses, pickup trucks, MPVs and SUVs, as well as the brand's high visibility in the European and American markets, SAIC MAXUS has continued to accelerate its sales in overseas markets.

SAIC MAXUS is confident in its overseas journey with a number of trump cards in hand

   In 2023, the global sales of SAIC MAXUS exceeded 200,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 7%. Among them, overseas annual sales exceeded 96,000 units, accounting for nearly half of the total. The excellent overseas results have enabled SAIC MAXUS to enter and exit freely in the face of the white-hot price war in the domestic auto market.

Facing Global Layout and Achieving Remarkable Results

   According to the data disclosed by SAIC MAXUS, among its cumulative overseas sales of more than 300,000, sales in developed markets accounted for more than 90%. Thanks to SAIC MAXUS' leading layout in new energy technology, more than 80% of its exported models to Europe are new energy models.

   In 2023, SAIC MAXUS wide-body light buses further expanded their advantages in overseas markets. Among them, the Xintu V90 ranked first in the large VAN class van market in Australia with a super-high market share of 31.3%; the EV30 continued to defend its market share title in Spain; and the EV90 took the top two spots in the UK, Norway, Italy and other markets.

   And besides wide-body light vans, other SAIC MAXUS models also achieved good results in 2023. Pure electric MPV everyone 5 in Norway's new energy MPV market in the front sales, while Norway is the whole of Europe pure electric model sales accounted for the highest proportion of the country. To be able to occupy a place in Norway's pure electric MPV market shows that SAIC MAXUS's product power is not ordinary.

   In January-November last year and January-March this year, the MAXUS 9 surpassed the Elfa and Wilfa and took the first place in the sales of all categories of MPVs in Hong Kong; in addition, the MAXUS 9 became the first full-size luxury pure-electric MPV exported to the European market, while the T90 EV became the first pure-electric pickup truck to land in Europe.

   In order to be able to enter the global market, SAIC MAXUS has not only completed the reserve of Euro 6 technology, but also has completed the certification in many overseas countries. This includes Australian ADR certification, EU ECE certification, WVTA certification, Gulf GCC certification, etc. This signifies that SAIC MAXUS already has the ability to develop global models.

   Along with the global debut of SAIC MAXUS ACIS Intelligent All-scene Hyper Hybrid Technology during the recent Beijing Auto Show, and the entry of two luxury MPV models, Dazhong 9 Hyper Hybrid and Dazhong 7 Hyper Hybrid, which are equipped with this cutting-edge technology into the market, SAIC MAXUS will provide a strong boost in its battle for the global high-end MPV market.

Opens a new era of global new energy light-duty vehicles

   SAIC MAXUS, which has been making waves in the global light-vehicle market, has built up a leading edge in terms of product strength, in addition to its brand effect.

   In 2023, SAIC MAXUS will take global products, intelligent technology, global customization, and AI evolution as its core concepts to create a new green light-duty vehicle wisdom ecology for the global market and bring a new green light-duty vehicle travel experience to global users, and will launch the global new energy light-duty vehicle brand "Dana", as well as its first product "Dana V1 is an intelligent and efficient pure electric logistics vehicle.

   Dana V1 has a towing capacity of more than 2.5 tons and a load capacity of more than 1.5 tons, both of which are ahead of other vehicles in its class. Due to its ultra-thin battery, it has an ultra-low floor as low as 520mm. Combined with the flat cargo box partition design, the actual utilization rate of the cargo compartment is as high as 98%, and the space advantage of "one side bigger than the same class" can bring courier boys an additional 20% of income per month.

   In addition, Dana V1 can be equipped with a 120kW high-power electric drive system, with a maximum speed of 130km/h, which significantly improves delivery efficiency. The vehicle is equipped with a spider battery, regardless of the cold and heat, charging to 80% of the time is less than half an hour, 100 kilometers of power consumption is as low as 15.9kWh, a lunch time can be "full of electricity resurrection", so that transporters run harder and farther!

Pickup Truck Market Blossoms into a New Highlight

   The overseas performance of pickup trucks is also a highlight in the export road of SAIC MAXUS. At present, the cumulative overseas sales of SAIC MAXUS' pickup trucks have exceeded 167,000 units, of which nearly 50,000 units will be sold in the year 2023 alone, setting up a benchmark for China's manufacturing. Looking at the global market, SAIC MAXUS's pickup trucks have shown a balanced development and blossomed in many directions.

   In the American market, SAIC MAXUS ranked among the top three pickup trucks in Chile and Mexico. In the Middle East market, SAIC MAXUS pickup trucks have become the best-selling Chinese pickup truck brand. In the Australia and New Zealand market, SAIC MAXUS has been ranked among the top sellers by virtue of its strong brand appeal.

   These achievements have been made possible by SAIC MAXUS' continuous introduction of more segmented and quality models, and its demonstration of forward-looking concepts and technological strengths that lead the industry.

   In mid-2023, SAIC MAXUS unveiled its new pickup truck brand "Star" and announced six models under the brand, namely the Star L, Star R, Star H, Star Ox King, Star EV, and pickup truck and RV explorer Star H. The brand's newest model is the Star H, which will be launched in mid-2023.

   Among them, the Star R is able to meet the needs of two major scenarios, namely family and distribution, at the same time. Star L is equipped with a flat-bottomed cargo box and a large speed ratio rear axle, with a relatively outstanding loading capacity. The diesel model Star H is able to burst 160kW maximum power and 500N-m peak torque. Equipped with nitrogen damping, electric winch, scorpion tires, and AT-X explosion-proof paint, the Star-Bullmaster focuses on off-road scenarios.

   It is worth mentioning that SAIC MAXUS exhibited the GST large pure electric performance pickup concept at last year's Shanghai Auto Show, which features black technologies such as all-terrain intelligent chassis, CTC battery, four-motor distributed drive, Tri-dim fusion control, etc. It also adopts B-pillar-less opening doors, an innovative 4-seat layout, and dual-track parking + all-terrain extrication.

   The car won the Gold Medal of the International CMF Design Award earlier this year, demonstrating SAIC Datsun's excellent design aesthetics and strong strength, which not only helps SAIC MAXUS to better develop C-end customers, but also helps SAIC MAXUS to enhance its appeal in the global market. The car is expected to be officially launched in the second half of this year.

   Currently, SAIC MAXUS has formed a number of "10,000-unit markets" in Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to SAIC Group's comprehensive empowerment, SAIC MAXUS has more advantages in new energy and intelligent Internet connection in the competition with many multinational car giants. Through continuous development and growth in overseas markets, SAIC MAXUS can not only increase sales, but also build an excellent brand image, setting an example for Chinese car companies to go international.