Light Duty Commercial Vehicles > Landking in the first quarter year-on-year growth of 289% new energy light truck market "dark horse" rely on what to lead the way?

Landking in the first quarter year-on-year growth of 289% new energy light truck market "dark horse" rely on what to lead the way?

2024-05-14 14:30:08



   New energy has been a clear trend in the commercial vehicle industry, and all enterprises are focusing their resources on accelerating the progress.In March, according to the terminal insurance data, the sales of new energy light trucks totaled 6,870 units, an increase of 289.01% year-on-year, and an increase of 200.92% compared with the same period in the previous year.

Landking in the first quarter year-on-year growth of 289% new energy light truck market

   From January to March, the sales of new energy light trucks increased by 278.37% year-on-year, and the growth mainly came from the "oil-electricity switch" in the city transportation market. Among them, Weichai new energy sales in March increased by 271.74% year-on-year, an increase of 68.2% over the same period last year, becoming a "dark horse" with very obvious performance growth.

   On April 13th, the launch of the new blue energy Beijing green city distribution logistics solution with the theme of "technology blue engine leads green logistics" was held in Beijing.

   At the meeting, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle actively responded to the national environmental protection policy, launched the Blue Prime New Energy Beijing Green City Distribution Logistics Solution, and set up the Science and Technology Green Logistics Ecological Alliance, aiming to meet diversified logistics needs, enhance user experience, and create greater value for customers and society.

Weichai resources lead the green industry

   Relying on the advantages of its strong industrial chain, Weichai focuses on the development of pure electric, hydrogen energy, hybrid and traditional fuel models and other types of energy.

   In the field of new energy technology research and development, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles focuses on building an Industry 4.0 intelligent factory, relying on the resources of the Innovation Center in Tokyo, the R&D Center in Shanghai, the Powertrain Research Department and the Automotive Engineering Research Institute to form a highly efficient collaborative research and development network system, integrating advanced technologies and R&D capabilities around the world, and accelerating the speed of product innovation.

   We are committed to building a full business ecosystem in the commercial vehicle industry by integrating vehicle manufacturing and sales, automotive finance, used vehicles and remanufacturing, cargo service, leasing business, and charging infrastructure for new energy vehicles, and providing technical support for green logistics.

Creating an all-round solution for new energy logistics

   Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has created green exclusive solutions for Beijing city distribution logistics, focusing on Beijing city logistics, metropolitan area logistics, and various operation scenarios, and solving the results of user pain points in various logistics scenarios.

   The solution creates value for logistics users in the capital with low energy consumption, optimal TCO and high professionalism, and at the same time brings service and financial solutions to Beijing users, helping customers create wealth without worry.

   In terms of products, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles always insists on technological empowerment. The city distribution logistics transportation in Beijing metropolitan area is characterized by diversification and complexity, for this reason, Weichai Commercial Vehicle adopts the customized development of commercial vehicles for the differentiation of transportation scenarios.

   Weichai Commercial Vehicle has launched four models to cover the whole scenario from end-to-end logistics to inter-city logistics:

   In response to the needs of individual users engaged in end-of-pipe distribution, BlueRock has launched the small truck and BlueRock ER large micro truck product series. It also brings users a variety of battery products with different power levels, such as 49kWh, 55kWh, 66kWh, etc., in order to adapt to the range needs of different users.

   At the same time, for the small trucks and the Blue ER large micro truck product series, Lancel also introduced a new sedan-like and humanized interior design, as well as a large cargo box with a length of 4050mm, and limited the height of the large micro truck product series to 2050mm, and the height of small trucks to 2090mm, so that users can easily enter and exit the basement while they are there.

   The Blue D truck series, which solves the problem of express logistics and super market distribution, not only has the advantage of low TCO cost, but also adopts the mid-mounted battery, which allows the vehicle to have a range of 240km and can be fully charged in 60 minutes, and the weight of the whole vehicle is as low as 2090Kg, which brings lower power consumption and better TCO cost advantages. The advantages are lower power consumption and better TCO and low cost.

   In addition, the functional version of the series can be customized to meet more user needs.

   Weichai EHPro new energy light truck, which solves the problem of high-efficiency delivery in the city, has the characteristics of long range, high quality and high load capacity. It adopts the three major technology combinations of "FDD blade battery + Hande electric drive axle + Huichuan" all-in-one electronic control, and its battery capacity covers 77-100 degrees, which is fully adapted to the needs of the daily operation of the vehicle. Its battery capacity covers 77-100 degrees, and it is fully suitable for many scenarios, such as daily necessities, hardware and building materials, furniture and home appliances, supermarket distribution, moving and delivery, logistics and express delivery, and so on.

   Weichai's new energy commercial vehicle "EHPro High Energy Pure Electric Light Truck Series", which solves the problem of long-distance intercity transportation, applies Weichai's Fudi charging and switching all-in-one blade battery, with a battery capacity of 135 degrees, which can bring a range of 320KM, and can be recharged from 20% to 80% in only 30 minutes, which can help the users to realize high-efficiency operation with ease. Combined with the industry's first "large power + flat floor + high roof cab" combination design, it further enhances the user's comfort and brings a more comfortable transportation journey for the transporters in the scenarios of green transport, logistics and express delivery, cold chain, and bulk and miscellaneous transportation.

Financial and after-sale support for purchasing and utilizing vehicles without worries

   In order to ensure worry-free operation for users, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle has joined hands with financial institutions in the industry to provide different financial programs, and created "Weichang Rong", which is based on the needs of users, and meets the needs of users' self-owned vehicles with "low down payment, long term, and high credit limit". Weishang Rong" is designed to meet the needs of users with "low down payment, long term and high credit limit" to meet the needs of users to own vehicles for operation or lease. "Distribution financing" provides high interest rate subsidy support through total-to-total cooperation to solve the actual needs of different users.

   In terms of after-sales service, Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles has established a perfect after-sales service system with more than 7,000 service stations. The 107 service stations in and around Beijing are able to provide a full range of after-sales service protection for users in and around Beijing.

   A number of logistics companies and Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles signed purchase agreements on the spot, reflecting the market's high recognition of and confidence in BlueRock's new energy products.

   Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicle, by virtue of the strong empowerment of Weichai Group's science and technology, capital and resources, adheres to the policy-oriented, from the user's point of view, for the green city distribution transportation, bringing a hierarchical, targeted products, services and financial solutions, such a comprehensive ability of the market at present there are not many brands, from the first quarter of the performance of the performance of the view is very effective. Weichai new energy this "dark horse" can continue to maintain this growth momentum, with how long can occupy the leading position in the new energy light truck market, very much expected.