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Iveco Deluxe is even more beneficial! The Iveco Delite will be available soon!

2024-05-20 15:46:20



   In the light bus market, Iveco Daily has been favored by users for its excellent performance and reliable quality. Last year's launch of the Daily with excellent performance and design, but also in the market set off a wave of fever, won the market and the user's double recognition, sales and reputation have achieved extraordinary results. Now, in response to the eager demand of the majority of users, Iveco is about to launch the Daily automatic gear, the car not only continues the excellent tradition of the Daily series, but also a new power combination, so that the user a different way to drive, bringing a new automatic smooth driving experience.

Iveco Deluxe is even more beneficial! The Iveco Delite will be available soon!

A different way of driving, with more efficient automatic output

   The soon-to-be-launched Daily automatic gearbox is equipped with the advanced ZF technology automatic transmission, which is perfectly matched with the Sofim National 6b engine, providing the vehicle with a smoother and more efficient power output. The addition of this new power combination undoubtedly adds wings to Daily, which can provide users with a more comfortable and convenient driving experience after a different kind of driving, whether in the city shuttle or long-distance driving.

A different way of driving, automatic gearbox control is more silky smooth.

   The launch of Daily automatic gearbox is a comprehensive upgrade of user experience. For example, the careful tuning of NVH and gearshift control ensures smoothness and comfort in driving. The convenience of automatic transmission also greatly reduces the driver's control burden, especially in the congested city traffic, which can significantly improve driving comfort. At the same time, the high transmission efficiency of the Iveco Daily automatic gearbox will further improve fuel economy when driving in a different way, saving users even more money.

A different way of driving, the automatic ETAGO is even more beneficial.

   The upcoming launch of the Daily automatic transmission will bring users a brand new driving experience and lead the light bus market to develop in the direction of higher efficiency, more intelligence and more comfort. Let's look forward to this new power combination of Daily, a different way of driving, to bring more surprises to users, and realize "Daily, more benefit"!