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Going out, inviting in "Renwu Xing" series of products in the country with the customer zero distance to meet!

2024-06-04 17:32:33



   On April 26th, the "Rengwu Xing - Dongfeng Dolica 'Rengwu Xing' Series Product Launching Conference" of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Zhengding, Shijiazhuang.

Going out, inviting in

   Subsequently, Dongfeng Motor Co. held "Rengwuxing" new product parades and listing meetings in Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other cities.

   At the parade, Dongfeng Dolica "Rengwuxing" went into small commodity cities, logistics parks, trade and logistics cities, and wholesale markets of agricultural products all over the country to let customers experience the quality of Dongfeng Dolica "Rengwuxing" with zero distance contact, and carry out vehicle overhaul and summer air conditioning maintenance service for old customers, and make product demonstration, so as to realize the zero distance between the customers and the products and zero distance between the services.

   In addition to "going out", there is also "inviting in", the listing of important customers and old customers will be invited to the store to test-drive personal experience, a close feel of the quality of the Dongfeng Dolica "Rengwu Xing" charm, through the store product promotion, interactive games, to complete the delivery of orders on the scene.

   Through nearly 100 offline parades and listing activities, new and old customers have zero distance to commodities, zero distance to services, zero distance to communication, so that customers can see, find and buy; detailed product interpretation, vivid vehicle display and rich interactive experience links, also let the participants comprehensively appreciate the "Rengwuxing" series of products of superior quality and unique charm. By entering the real scene of trial operation and customer experience testing, the excellent performance of the product has been widely praised.

   Mr. Zhang, a truck buyer from Shijiazhuang, said, "Dongfeng Dolica 'Rengwu Xing' combines all-powerful power, comfortable driving, multiple scenes, easy loading, and thoughtful configuration with five advantages, which can help every car-buying customer to drive comfortably and easily, and realize the ambition of entrepreneurial career of Rengwu Xing."

   Dongfeng Dolyka "Rengwu Xing" carries the reliable response and commitment of Dongfeng Motor Co. to the customers' needs for smooth and carefree driving. With the precise satisfaction of the five core scenarios, the five advantages of the models with outstanding capabilities and the rich customer value advantages, Dongfeng Dolyka "Rengwu Xing" series of products have successfully won the enthusiastic response from the market.

   In June, Dongfeng Dolyka "Rengwuxing" series products will continue to hold a number of parades and launching meetings across the country, going to customers and inviting them to the store to test drive the vehicles.

   With the product strength to achieve the customer's dream of "Rengwu Xing", and with the sincerity of preferential treatment, we will work together with the dealers and customers to seize the business opportunities and share the bright future. The Dongfeng Dolica "Rengwu Xing" series of products, developed in response to the trend and born out of necessity, will accompany every customer to create a driving experience that is free of obstacles and at will, so that every journey of transportation becomes an efficient, comfortable and worry-free journey, and will help customers to make a great progress on the broad stage of the logistics industry, to open up their own "hundred business and money", and to enjoy the infinite possibilities contained in the "Rengwu Xing".

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