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China auto giant rocks West Africa market

2018-09-04 18:46:59 Source:运输人网


  The new Dongfeng Kinland tractors set off from the port of Shanghai to Senegal and Benin in Africa on May 11, 2018.

  This is the second African order for commercial vehicles produced by China’s Dongfeng Motor Corporation within two months. The quality and service of Dongfeng commercial vehicles have won the trust of customers in the African market.

China auto giant rocks West Africa market

  The new Dongfeng Kinland tractors are ready to set off for Africa in May, 2018.

  Besides excellent quality, Dongfeng commercial vehicles’ popularity in overseas market should be attributed to Dongfeng Motor Corporation’s branding around the world. Dongfeng has carried out a series of eye-catching marketing activities, building brand credits and boosting the overseas markets.

  Dongfeng has organized a professional team to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18, and the twelve ports that the race berths are in line with the targeted markets of Dongfeng’s branding strategy.

China auto giant rocks West Africa market

  Dongfeng racing team is arriving at Cape Town in South Africa and local fleets are greeting the Chinese team in December 2017.

  Dongfeng takes an active role in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, and is the first Chinese auto brand that launched cultural branding based on the initiative, taking the opportunity of the Volvo Ocean Race that started in October 2017 in Alicante, Spain.

  In December 2017, the Dongfeng ocean race team arrived at the Port of Cape Town in South Africa. Activities such as engineering vehicle evaluation fair, experiencing Dongfeng vehicle, themed salon, and Chinese cultural events were carried out there.

China auto giant rocks West Africa marketDongfeng Kinland tractors in Africa

  New Dongfeng auto types are designed especially for the overseas market and customized products, first-class services and after-sales warranty are continuously provided for overseas markets. It has also sorted out the sales channels and service networks in the countries along the racing route.

  The ocean race is now coming to an end. During the Volvo race, Dongfeng covered eight countries in six continents. It has a large amount of media exposure both at home and abroad, in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and other regions. A large number of global partners are also interested in cooperating with Dongfeng.