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FAN Courier & MAN, a strong and successful partnership.

2019-05-22 15:59:22 Source:MAN


  FAN Courier, Romanian company, based in Bucharest, is the leader of the courier industry in Romania. The company, with fully Romanian capital, has been active on the Romanian market for over 2 decades, being established in 1998 by three Romanian entrepreneurs – Mr. Adrian Mihai, Mr. Neculai Mihai and Mr. Felix Patrascanu. Its name, FAN, was formed by the first letter of the three names of its founders – Felix, Adrian, Neculai.

FAN Courier & MAN, a strong and successful partnership.

  The FAN Courier services of dispatching and “door to door” delivery, are available both nationally, the number of served places without additional kilometers increasing permanently, and internationally, through solid partnerships. The services include deliveries of all kinds, from small envelopes to very special deliveries like very big engines.

  Since it was established in 1998, FAN Courier consolidated constantly its position through investments and new services with added value, introduced on a regular basis.

  Nowadays, the company serves over 50.000 customers, mostly legal entities, with a team formed by over 6,250 collaborators and a car fleet of more than 3.900 vehicles, with more than 300 units trucks.

  FAN Courier delivers around 180.000 dispatches per day and in order to support its increasing activity, the company needs to rely on strong partnerships.

FAN Courier & MAN, a strong and successful partnership.

  FAN Courier and MHS Truck & Bus Group, the MAN importer and distributor on the Romanian market, have been business partners since the beginning of the Romanian courier’s company activity, which relies its transport activity on the MAN premium products. Together with the MAN engineers, FAN Courier developed its own special truck configuration, which meets the transport needs of the company, supporting constantly its activity. The FAN Courier truck fleet consists of solely MAN trucks, which are driven over 35 Million km yearly.

  Its truck fleet, purchased from MHS Truck & Bus, consists of MAN TGL 8.190 4x2 BB, MAN TGS 18.420 4x2 BL and MAN TGX 18.460 4x2 BLS.

  FAN Courier has been constantly included in business tops, among the most powerful companies in the Romanian economy and therefore awarded by various business organizations and magazines recognized in Romania, as well as being recognized as the Superbrand of Romania, in 2017.

FAN Courier & MAN, a strong and successful partnership.

  The distinctions obtained constantly by FAN Courier, represent a recognition of their excellent business performance, involvement in the economic development of Romania, the responsibility towards the community and involvement of the founding shareholders in educating the future generation of entrepreneurs.

  After over 20 years of partnership, MAN together with its importer and distributor on the Romanian market, MHS Truck & Bus Group, organized at the beginning of 2019 a special filming project to emphasize the importance of the FAN Courier activity on the Romanian courier market.