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Signing! 10,000 Hydrogen Heavy Trucks Transportation Scene

2024-04-15 17:40:11 Source:Global Hydrogen Energy



  A few days ago, the investment signing conference for major industries with new quality productivity in Hami City was held in Hami Hotel. In one of the two important parts of the conference - "Hydrogen Hami - Hydrogen Transportation Scene Industry Chain Project Signing Ceremony", Shanghai Kunhua New Energy Technology Co. (hereinafter referred to as "Kunhua Technology"), Xinjiang Jiangna Energy Science and Technology Group, Guanghui Energy Company Limited, Beijing Xuanli Investment Company Limited, Proton Automotive Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Proton Automotive"), Xinjiang Hami New Hengshun Transportation and Logistics Group Company Limited signed the "Agreement on the Whole Industry Chain of the Hydrogen Highway-Hydrogen Corridor Transportation Scenario in Hami" with the Hami Municipal Government. Ltd. and Xinjiang Hami New Hengshun Transportation and Logistics Group Co., Ltd. signed the "Hami Hydrogen Highway - Hydrogen Corridor Transportation Scene Industry Chain Agreement" with the Hami Municipal Government, aiming to give full play to the characteristic advantages and resources of all parties, continue to promote the planning of the common drawing, industrial co-development, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the new quality of the hydrogen industry in the city.

Signing! 10,000 Hydrogen Heavy Trucks Transportation Scene

  Meanwhile, Kunhua Technology signed a hydrogen fuel cell system supply project agreement with Proton Auto, a domestic head heavy truck company. The two sides will strengthen strategic synergy and jointly develop long-range, high-horsepower hydrogen heavy-duty trucks for Hami's high-altitude, long-distance, long-climbing geographical characteristics and usage needs, so as to make Hami a benchmark scenario for hydrogen transportation in the country.

  Dr. Wang Yabo, Chairman and President of Kunhua Technology, delivered a speech as a representative of the signing of the contract. Dr. Wang Yabo said, Hami city is rich in scenery resources, developed coal chemical industry, and is actively building a carbon capture application base, with abundant low-cost green hydrogen and blue hydrogen production capacity base. At the same time, Hami, relying on rich coal, mineral and chemical resources and transportation demand, has the first-mover advantage of 10,000-unit scale hydrogen heavy truck transportation application scenarios. As a fuel cell system company invested by Shanghai Shenneng Group, focusing on the development of high-power fuel cell systems and the application of hydrogen heavy-duty transportation, Kunwha Technology delivered 25 hydrogen tractor trucks in January this year to help put the first batch of hydrogen heavy-duty trucks into operation in Hami City. At present, KUNHUA has successfully developed a single-stack 250kW platform-level system, KUN-YUN200, and a vehicle hydrogen cylinder set that can be filled with more than 70 kilograms at a time. KUNHUA aims to give full play to the team's innovation and R&D capabilities, continue to build a "hydrogen corridor" for the city of Hami to provide a stable and reliable power output, and to contribute to the construction of a new hydrogen-energy productivity for the city of Hami. We will continue to provide stable and reliable power output for the construction of "Hydrogen Corridor" in Hami City, and contribute to the construction of new hydrogen energy productivity in Hami City.

  According to the information, Kunwha Technology, founded in 2021, is a fuel cell technology and product application developer, dedicated to the development of fuel cell technology and product applications, for hydrogen energy storage, intelligent transportation and other application areas, the team has a wealth of experience in hydrogen energy applications and R & D service capabilities, and can quickly form a technology application landing and customized development of the scene capabilities. Meanwhile, KUNHUATECH cooperates with leading domestic PV and energy storage enterprises to create an integrated program of wind, light, storage and hydrogen, and jointly develop the hydrogen energy storage market.

  Proton Auto, established in April 2022, is a vehicle company under Shaanxi Automobile Group focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of all categories of new energy commercial vehicles. It carries out R&D, innovation and sales operation around the "electrification, intelligence, Internet connectivity, and lightweight" of commercial vehicles, and creates a series of models tailored to the needs of scenarios, which are intertwined with the two major technology routes of hydrogen energy and pure electric power. The company has built a series of models tailored to the needs of scenarios, completing the product coverage of short-distance transportation and dry logistics, municipal sanitation, construction sites, port transportation and other areas.

  As a rising star, Proton Auto actively explores the development path of China's heavy truck industry and accelerates the pace of transformation and upgrading. With the advantageous resources of hydrogen fuel cell, automatic driving, solid-state wire-controlled chassis and magnesium lightweight, Proton Auto will focus on 3 major hydrogen + 3 major power exchange markets in 2025, build up the enterprise development business in multi-city clusters, and realize the national market coverage in 2026, and march in the four major battle zones of Northwest China, Central and North China, Southwest China, and East China, as well as other opportunity markets.