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Focusing on the demand of wealth creation of transporters JAC GALLOP X5 natural gas heavy truck value analysis

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   In the heavy truck market, natural gas models have become the new favorites in the transportation industry due to their significant economic advantages, opening up a high-gloss era, and have become the focus of competition among various heavy truck companies.

Focusing on the demand of wealth creation of transporters JAC GALLOP X5 natural gas heavy truck value analysis

   JAC GALLOP has always had an excellent reputation for reliable quality, high economy and guaranteed value in the heavy truck market. Facing the natural gas heavy-duty truck market in full swing, JAC GALLOP X5 6x4 natural gas heavy-duty truck is launched, which provides more efficient and economical vehicle program for gravel and coal, long-distance trunk line and other scenarios with the support of high-horsepower, high-comfort and high-intelligence high-end configurations.

Upgraded appearance, delicate details and more practical

   Gelfar X5 appearance design is fashionable and trendy, beautiful color matching with the tall body, the front face of the clear streamline outline, giving people a refreshing feeling. The deflectors on both sides add a sense of hierarchy while avoiding dust adhesion and keeping the body clean.

   The grille inherits the design features of JAC heavy trucks, with full tension, and the silver "JAC" logo is embedded in the silver-gray center mesh, which brings out a sense of sophistication. Both sides of the light group is very eye-catching, the lights are integrated design, the main light source using LED headlights, high beam, turn signal integrated in the light group. Fog lamps are designed below the main headlamps to improve the lighting effect of the vehicle when traveling in bad weather and enhance safety.

   The rearview mirror adopts one-piece design, supporting electric adjustment and electric heating function, which can avoid the mirror from frost and fogging, and ensure a clear view in rainy and snowy weather. The rearview mirror is equipped with two blinding mirrors, which greatly reduces the blind spot of the driver's field of vision and greatly improves driving safety.

   Looking around the body, the actual Gelfar X5 below the rearview mirror, the front of the car grille and the rear of the car are arranged with a running camera, which can realize the four-position blind spot visibility, and the bumper is also reserved for millimeter-wave radar position, which adds safety and convenience to daily driving.

Power upgrade operation more efficient and economic

   As we all know, natural gas heavy-duty trucks have outstanding operational advantages compared with diesel models, but many transporters are still worried about the vehicle's power performance. In this regard, JAC GALLOP X5 natural gas heavy truck adopts a high-horsepower engine, which solves the worries of long-distance trunk line transporters.

   In terms of power, Gelfar X5 is equipped with Yuchai's inline six-cylinder natural gas engine, model 6K1350N-60, with a 12.94-liter displacement and a maximum output power of 500 hp, which is easy to cope with the needs of resource transportation and mainline logistics.

   The transmission system is matched with Faster 12-speed manual gearbox, model 12JSDX220TA-B, adopting over-speed gear design, with a head gear ratio of 12.1, a top gear ratio of 0.78, and a minimum ratio of 0.78, which effectively ensures the vehicle's operational efficiency.

   As for the chassis, the front axle is forged steel and I-beam section; the rear axle is single-stage deceleration axle, with 3.7 and 4.111 speed ratios. 3.7 rear axle speed ratio combined with the 12-speed gearbox allows the vehicle to reach a speed of 75-89km/h at 1,100-1,400rpm, which can better satisfy the demand for high-time transportation.

   There is also a hydraulic retarder connected in parallel at the rear of the gearbox. During long downhill and traveling, the reasonable use of the hydraulic retarder can reduce the use frequency of the main brake, on the one hand, there will be no thermal recession of the brake to improve the braking safety, and on the other hand, it can improve the service life of the braking system and reduce the cost of use.

   At the same time, equipped with hydraulic retarder, it can also subtract the drenching device and other costs incurred additionally, further improving the economy and reliability of operation. With the support of lightweight initiatives such as mid-body cab, lightweight suspension, and lightweight middle and rear axles, it brings stronger carrying capacity.

Upgraded Configurations for Safe and Comfortable Driving

   Gelfar X5 adopts the center body extended high roof cab, which brings more spacious driving and living space. Combined with more humanized interior configurations and four-point airbag suspension design, it significantly filters the bumps from the ground during driving, making the driving life of the transporter more comfortable and enjoyable.

   The interior of the cab adopts all-black color scheme with a full sense of style. Extra-wide double berths, 1kW inverter, electric sunroof and other high-end configurations are readily available to enhance driving comfort and meet more needs of transporters' life. The interior panels are softened for easier cleaning.

   The four-spoke multifunctional steering wheel is wrapped in leather for a comfortable grip, and integrates a variety of functions, allowing the transporter to focus on driving during the process. The function button area integrates cruise control, telephone and multimedia operation, which is very convenient to operate.

   The main driver's seat is equipped with a gasbag shock-absorbing seat, which supports lumbar, back and shoulder support adjustments, with strong wrapping, so that the driver can adjust a comfortable sitting position according to his own body shape and operating habits to reduce driving fatigue. Combined with the ventilation and heating function and lumbar air cushion, the transporter can have a comfortable driving experience in both hot summer and cold winter.

   It is worth mentioning that JAC GALLOP X5 natural gas heavy-duty trucks are equipped with KAJA Telematics system, which integrates driving behavior monitoring, positioning monitoring, track playback, report analysis, vehicle operation data monitoring, remote diagnosis and other functions, assisting users to drive safely and efficiently, and more conducive to the fleet's efficient operation and management.

   Adhering to the "user-centric" vehicle concept, JAC Heavy Duty Trucks is aware of the market changes, and from the real needs of transporters, it has created a high-end flagship natural gas heavy-duty truck - JAC GALLOP X5 - for trunk logistics, resource transportation and other fields, which combines high efficiency, comfort, economy and safety, which not only effectively improves driving efficiency, but also helps fleets to operate efficiently, With high efficiency, comfort, economy and safety, JAC GALLOP X5 not only effectively improves the working environment of transporters, but also further releases the potential of the whole vehicle to create higher value for transporters.