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Embrace the "May Day" long vacation! Zhongtong's H-series tour buses are ready to go

2024-05-09 08:00:00 Source:Zhongtong



   Since 2024, the tourism market accelerated the recovery, tourism practitioners have experienced a sense of busyness." May Day" long vacation is coming, tourists can "say go, go", the major tourism-related enterprises are ready to "fight"!

Embrace the

   Zhongtong Bus has actively responded to the trend of tourism recovery and seized the development trend of "New Four" in tourism passenger transportation, and its H-series buses have gained more customers' favor.

  Helping the development of tourism quality Zhongtong's H-series quality wins the game

   In the highly competitive tourism passenger transportation industry, tourists' requirements for travel experience are increasing, and high-end and quality have become the inevitable trend of tourism development.

   Zhongtong H9 tour buses are designed for different application scenarios such as customized tours, shuttle buses, intercity buses, etc., to meet the demand for high-quality, diversified and personalized travel of the public under the new situation.

   With a length of 9 meters, the H9 can accommodate up to 40 people, a variety of seat layouts, with moving curtains, travel is easy and comfortable, and the 5A-level health cabin experience, NVH performance optimization, enjoys quiet and comfortable space. The luggage compartment has a volume of up to 4.7 cubic meters, which is enough to meet the needs of most groups.

   Another product of Zhongtong H family, H11, inherits the genes of high safety, high reliability and high comfort of Zhongtong H series products, and realizes new upgrades of product performance for various application scenarios.

   The vehicle can support three types of power: fuel, pure electric, and programmable, to meet the differentiated needs of users in different operational scenarios, and has passed the reliability test verification of high temperature, plateau, and alpine in three major dimensions, with a total of more than 30,000 kilometers, which guarantees the stability and reliability of the product.

   In the face of the high standards and challenges of the new era, Zhongtong's H series of tour buses have injected new vitality into the high-quality transformation of the tour bus industry with the core concepts of high quality, high comfort, health and customization.

  Strength harvests users' reputation, and Zhongtong H-series buses are delivered in batches in many places.

   Poetry and faraway places are returning, and the bus enterprises represented by Zhongtong Bus have already laid out their plans in advance to actively meet the "May 1" peak traveling season. Recently, Zhongtong H-series tour products have been delivered in bulk to many places in China, such as Guizhou, Hubei, Yunnan, Hainan, Hebei, Gansu, etc., and have become a "sharp weapon" to help various tourist passenger transportation enterprises to attract customers.

   At the end of 2023, Zhongtong H11 tourist buses were exported to Mexico in bulk, once again polishing the golden signboard of "China Bus" on the global stage, and further promoting the development and layout of Zhongtong buses in the North American tourism market.

   In April, Guizhou Experience Tourism & Passenger Transportation Co., Ltd. introduced a batch of Zhongtong H-series tour buses, helping to release the potential of body-tourism integration continuously. In mid-April, a batch of Zhongtong H9 tour buses was delivered to Guizhou Chenchen Jiachang Tourism Co., Ltd., helping to explore and lay out the high-end tourism market. ......

   On April 19, a batch of Zhongtong H11 tour buses were exported to Colombia. Following the export to Mexico, Zhongtong H11 tour buses ushered in overseas orders again, contributing "China's Wisdom" to the global tourism and passenger transportation!

   The beautiful mountains and rivers are as beautiful as a picture, and the prospect of tourism is unlimited. With the May Day holiday approaching, Zhongtong buses have been fully prepared, and Zhongtong H-series tour buses will shuttle between various popular attractions to provide tourists with safe, comfortable and convenient travel services.