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KAICENE Peng Tao: Platforms with a Global Perspective--Being a Breakthrough in New Energy Commercial Vehicles

2024-05-14 16:26:10



  For 40 years, Changan Automobile's car-making history has accompanied China's economic takeoff. Nowadays, China's automobile industry, marked by new energy, is on the top of the world, and KAICENE, as the bearer of Changan Automobile's commercial vehicle strategy, has also ushered in a new period of development.

KAICENE Peng Tao: Platforms with a Global Perspective--Being a Breakthrough in New Energy Commercial Vehicles

   On April 25th, during the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show, Peng Tao, Executive Vice President of Chang'an Automobile and Chairman of Chang'an Kaicheng, was interviewed by and other media. He explained the profound meaning of the new logo of Chang'an Kaicheng, and talked about the key role of Chang'an Kaicheng's platform and architecture vehicle building strategy as well as the double-wheel drive in both domestic and international markets in breaking through the bottleneck of competition in the industry.

  Firmly transforming and leading the industry's high-quality development

   Since the end of the last century, the "Changan Star" and its classic sun logo in the center of the front face have become an unforgettable memory for a generation. The upward spirit they carry continues to inspire entrepreneurs to move forward. Today, KAICENE's brand identity has been completely renewed, with the launch of the new Digital Intelligence Cube label.

   Peng Tao explained to the reporter: "The new logo not only retains the original spirit of upward breakthrough, but also reflects the order and efficiency of the new era, expressing KAICENE's determination to promote the new energy transformation of commercial vehicles."

   KAICENE has created the native new energy digital intelligence architecture K01. Peng Tao said that the K01 architecture is the world's first large-scale application of commercial vehicle skateboard platform, which realizes the decoupling of upper and lower bodies, and the separation of soft and hard, which provides the possibility of customization for different scenarios. This innovative architecture not only improves production efficiency and reduces R&D costs, but also brings the advantages of large load bearing and light weight.

   Peng Tao revealed that KAICENE plans to open up the K01 architecture to the industry in order to solve the problem of the current commercial vehicle market being small, fragmented and unscaled, and to promote the industry to develop in a more efficient and orderly direction.

  Two-wheel drive to create value for the industry

   As the first product of K01 architecture, it has become an efficient solution for city distribution logistics with its square space, rear-drive large load capacity, low energy consumption and light weight. Meanwhile, the vehicle also adopts wire-control chassis technology, which puts the positive R&D advantages of the new energy era on full display. It is reported that the model is expected to complete the first batch of delivery in the fourth quarter of this year.

   Meanwhile, through the intelligent link of vehicle-cloud integration, Chang'an Kaicheng has built a one-stop full-value chain integration management platform, realizing the improvement of logistics efficiency and safety guarantee, and creating more value for transporters.

   In Peng Tao's view, KAICENE not only needs to actively layout in the domestic market, but also needs to focus on the global market. When defining and planning new products, they are oriented to the global market. Chang'an Kaicheng is also promoting its products and technologies to the world through in-depth cooperation with international partners such as Stratis.

   Peng Tao pointed out: "Compared with the domestic market of more than 100,000 new energy light buses, there is a market demand of 2 million in Europe, while there is and only one product in the Southeast Asian market. Facing the vast overseas market, two-wheel drive is very important."

   With technology as the driver of change, platformization as an important strategy, and globalization vision as the leader, KAICENE is writing a new chapter of new energy transformation of China's commercial vehicles, and contributing to the industry's move toward a smarter, greener future.