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Sinotruk TongShuai PRO Light Truck Three Leading Advantages Break the Value Boundary

2024-05-20 15:58:53



   Light trucks are an important tool for urban distribution transportation, and transporters need a practical, efficient and reliable model, especially in the current transportation environment is highly competitive, and the ability to bring better economic returns is the primary factor for users to consider.

Sinotruk TongShuai PRO Light Truck Three Leading Advantages Break the Value Boundary

   Focusing on meeting the diversified needs of urban distribution customers, Sinotruk(HOWO) has launched the TongShuaiPRO light truck model, which focuses on the four market segments of urban distribution cold chain, urban distribution express, urban distribution green pass, and commercial super distribution, and has three leading advantages: leading in driving, leading in safety, and leading in wealth creation.

New Appearance and Styling: Technology Gives the Punctuation Stroke

   TongShuai PRO adopts a brand-new modeling in appearance, applying technological curved shroud and automated LED headlamps to echo with each other, which is very futuristic. The penetrating light band together with the crystal-colored light-emitting LOGO has become the finishing touch to enhance the vehicle's value.

   The wind-breaking mirrors not only further enhance the face value of the vehicle, but also effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient of the vehicle.

   There are two colors to choose from for the TongShuai PRO, namely, the fresh morning mist blue and the tough and pioneering mountain river silver.

Efficient Infinitely S Power Chain Mature and Reliable

   In the core power component, the TongShuai PRO is equipped with Weichai's new generation of exclusive high-efficiency power WP2.5N engine, with a maximum horsepower of up to 180 hp and a maximum torque of 500 Nm. By upgrading the rail pressure, bursting the pressure, optimizing the control strategy and other initiatives, the thermal efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 46%, which has a more powerful power, as well as better fuel economy, and is able to help the user to It has more powerful power and better fuel economy, which can help users easily face various working conditions such as heavy-duty uphill, heavy-duty starting, high-speed overtaking and so on.

   Matching with it is the 8AT transmission independently developed by Sinotruk, which is the first 8AT automatic gear in the industry. It is equipped with a large-capacity torque converter and 5 sets of built-in wet clutches, which reduces the fluctuation rate of the motivational speed by 80%, and the transmission efficiency is as high as 98.9%, and the speed of shifting the gears is only 0.4 seconds, which makes the power output more stable and the power transmission smoother, and improves the feeling of stuttering when the vehicle is starting. This effectively improves the feeling of stuttering when the vehicle starts, and ensures the continuity of power in the acceleration process.

   The applied Hande 3.5T rear axle is a newly customized lightweight disc rear axle, which adopts low-friction gear technology with transmission efficiency as high as 99%, and together with the Weichai engine + 8AT transmission, it forms a mature and reliable electrodeless power chain, and through the coverage and optimization of the control strategy for multiple working conditions, it can achieve a comprehensive fuel saving of up to 11.8%, which not only reduces the operation cost, but also has a reliable and stable performance in long-distance transportation. It not only reduces operating costs, but also has reliable and stable performance in long-distance transportation.

Full of interior details and upgraded comfort

   In addition to the all-round improvement in appearance and power, the TongShuai PRO has also been upgraded in all aspects in the interior.

   In terms of internal space, TongShuai PRO provides a large driving space with a width of 2,100mm and a cab volume of 0.5m, which, together with automatic sunroof, automatic temperature-controlled air-conditioning and other comfortable configurations, highlights Sinotruk's user-centered philosophy of vehicle construction.

   The wrap-around center console design makes it more convenient to operate the buttons, and the plastic-lined instrument panel with carbon fiber texture and wrap-around ambient lighting design reflects its high-end quality.

   The 12.8-inch floating center control screen is equipped with intelligent voice, cell phone interconnection and screen casting functions, and can be used to make phone calls, radio, navigation and other functions through intelligent voice control, providing an immersive driving experience for drivers.

   The air seats are equipped with an increased adjustment stroke of 70mm and infinitely adjustable seat heights, which, together with ventilation, heating, and two airbag lumbar supports for the lumbar/back, elevate driving comfort to a new level.

   In terms of the design of the equipped D-type steering wheel, the TongShuai PRO has also been optimized, reducing the steering wheel diameter by 10mm and increasing the belly space by 50mm, which not only makes getting in and out of the car more convenient, but also matches with the high-flow steering gear so that the steering hand force can be as low as 33N when fully loaded, which further enhances the driving and handling performance.

   In addition, in order to further improve the handling performance, TongShuai PRO also carries out 320 sets of iterative tuning of the chassis elastic elements, realizing the perfect fusion of the performance between the leaf springs and shock absorbers, and the whole car's stability and smoothness are greatly improved, which can bring a more comfortable and stable driving experience when passing through the bad road surface.

   It is worth mentioning that the vehicle effectively reduces the noise inside the vehicle through the application of optimized engine combustion strategy, the application of high-quality sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials, the sealing of loopholes in the bodywork and the optimization of welded joints, etc., so that the noise that can be transmitted to the driver's ears under the total speed condition is as low as 48.8 decibels, which creates a quiet driving space for the user.

High-quality genes are inherited, creating safety from the inside out.

   As a group of people running on the road day and night, safety is a prerequisite to ensure efficient operation, and Sinotruk's in-depth understanding of user safety is also embodied in the TongShuai PRO light truck.

   In terms of safety performance, the body of TongShuai PRO applies up to 38% of 600Mpa high-strength steel and 1100Mpa hot-forming steel, and it passed the 9.5T top pressure test for the first time in the industry, and the torsional stiffness of the body has been increased by 37% compared with the industry average, and its collision safety reaches the R29 European safety standard.

   At the same time, the cab suspension of the vehicle adopts a collapsed energy-absorbing structure, which can move the cab back by 150mm after a collision, increasing the survival space of 50m for the user, effectively slowing down the impact of the collision, and providing maximum protection for the driver.

   In addition to passive safety performance, in the process of driving, to ensure that the driver has a broader field of vision, and has a more intelligent and comprehensive driver assistance system is also an indispensable key factor in ensuring transportation safety.

   The front windshield extends down 50mm, making the area reach 1.8m³, compared with the industry competitors, the upper viewing angle increases by 17%, the lower viewing angle increases by 9%, and the blind zone in front is reduced by 12%. This design provides drivers with a wider field of vision and reduces potential driving risks.

   At the same time, TongShuai PRO also applies the industry's first door observation window, which enables drivers to observe the right side of the vehicle more intuitively and comprehensively in the process of turning right, further reducing the blind spot of the field of vision and guaranteeing driving safety.

   In addition, TongShuai PRO has also upgraded the braking system comprehensively. By raising the pressure of the braking system to 10 bar, it realizes that the braking distance of the vehicle under standard load condition and at a speed of 60km/h is only 23.01m, which provides a reliable support for the safety of the drivers and passengers.

   The L2+ level intelligent assisted driving system equipped with TongShuai PRO can realize lane departure warning, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise ACC, automatic emergency braking system, and for the first time in the industry, it applies the two functions of following vehicle reminder and throttle anti-error pedal.

   When the Follow Alert function is activated, the system will intelligently remind the driver to start the vehicle when the distance between the car and the vehicle in front reaches 14 meters.

   Throttle Anti-Misstep AMAP function can automatically sense whether there is an obstacle within half a meter in front of the vehicle when the vehicle is started and reminds the driver of the risk of collision by making it impossible for the driver to step on the gas pedal deeply in case of an obstacle.

   TongShuai PRO has experienced more than 1 million kilometers and multiple scenarios of extreme environmental adaptability verification, covering the Golmud Plateau, the Black River High Cold, the Turpan High Heat, the Coastal High Humidity, the Central Plains, the Southwest Mountainous Area, etc., and has passed the harsh three-high test. It has demonstrated its European quality genes and shaped a model of all-dimensional safe high-end light trucks from various aspects.

   Based on the precise judgment of the industry development trend, Sinotruk has built the TongShuai PRO light truck model around the three major cores of people, goods and field, constructing a brand-new scenario of "people enjoying themselves, traveling safely, and goods being full", and bringing the users a more dignified, comfortable and safer high-value trucking experience.