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A Glimpse of Sinotruk 2023 ESG Report

2024-05-07 14:07:03 Source:Sinotruk



  Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck (H-share) released its 2023 Annual ESG Report, which comprehensively describes the company's proactive actions in key ESG areas such as responsible governance, product innovation, health and safety, and green and low-carbon. The report shows that the company is working on green development, taking science and technology innovation as the core and actively expanding the new energy industry, which provides a new paradigm for the sustainable development of current commercial vehicle enterprises.

Economic Benefits

  In the current fiscal year of Sinotruk, operating revenue reached 85.498 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate as high as 43.9%. Net profit attributable to the shareholders of Sinotruk has even made a leap to 5.318 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate as high as 217.9%. In the heavy truck market, with a market share of 25.71%, Sinotruk has topped the industry list for two consecutive years. What is even more proud is that the export volume of heavy trucks of Sinotruk exceeded 130,000 units, becoming the largest single-brand export sales enterprise in the world.

A Glimpse of Sinotruk 2023 ESG Report

PursuingResponsible Governance

  The members of the Board of Directors of Heavy Duty Trucks come from a wide range of professional fields, including finance, automotive engineering, law, human resources, economics, accounting, machinery, etc., which ensures diversified perspectives and comprehensive decision-making. The Board of Directors and its committees operate efficiently and actively fulfill their respective duties. Sinotruk has established a comprehensive enterprise risk management and internal control system, as well as an investor communication mechanism to ensure transparency and compliance. In addition, Sinotruk also actively carries out integrity building activities, and has signed the "One Duty, Two Responsibilities" commitment letter with all leading cadres, and has achieved 100% signing rate of the Integrity Mutual Guarantee Agreement for its suppliers.

Creating High-qualityProducts

  Heavy Duty Truck has invested 2.450 billion yuan in scientific and technological research and development, participated in and undertaken a number of national and provincial key research and development projects, won four scientific and technological awards from national and provincial industry associations, and participated in the formulation of eight industry standards. All affiliated manufacturing units of Heavy Duty Truck have passed IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 quality management system certifications, and the comprehensive customer satisfaction score for the whole year is as high as 96.1 points. In terms of clean technology and new energy products, Heavy Duty Truck also made remarkable achievements, with 310 million yuan invested in clean technology R&D expenses, and revenue from new energy products increased by 144% compared with 2022.

SafeguardingHealth and Safety

  Heavy Duty Truck attaches great importance to employee safety and health, with safety investment amounting to 95,389,600 RMB. All subsidiaries have passed ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, and all employees have signed the Safety, Environmental Protection and Fire Protection Responsibility Letter. Heavy Duty also signed 100% Safety Management Agreements with contractors, and organized a number of pre-planning drills and safety education and training to ensure that every employee is equipped with the necessary safety knowledge and skills.

Practicing Green and Low-Carbon Development

  In terms of environmental protection, Sinotruk has invested RMB 48,411,700, and all of its subsidiaries have passed ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, and 84% of its subsidiaries have obtained ISO 50001 energy management system certification. FAW's intelligent energy digital control platform has been officially launched and running, and won the honor of Jinan Industrial Internet Application Demonstration Project 2023. The photovoltaic project of Jinan Light Truck's photovoltaic power plant generates about 3.5 million kWh of electricity throughout the year, effectively improving the efficiency of energy utilization.

Working Together to Create the Future

  Heavy Duty Truck has a strong team of 3201 R&D technicians and has successfully introduced 992 high-quality talents in R&D and technology. In order to motivate its employees, Sinotruk has carried out a share incentive plan for the first time, granting a total of 27.6 million shares. At the same time, Sinotruk also provided a master's and doctoral degree enhancement program for all employees, with a total of 392 employees participating in the program, of which 150 successfully obtained their degrees. Heavy Duty Truck actively conducted an employee satisfaction survey, with a participation rate of 86.62% and an overall employee satisfaction score of 87.69 points. In the future, Sinotruk will continue to work together with all employees to create a better future.