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Off-road black technology "triple lock" system allows you to ride on the battlefield

2024-05-23 17:00:53



   In the Gobi Desert, in the snow, on the mountain highway, in the riverbed waterway, free and easy to cross the world, is every off-road players like and want to experience the extreme challenges. Today, we will talk about how the "three locks" of the off-road vehicle work in such an extreme environment.

Off-road black technology

   The so-called "three locks" generally refers to the center differential lock, front axle differential lock and rear axle differential lock, for example, Iveco 4X4 adopts the "full-time four-wheel drive + three locks" such a top design. In the challenge of the extreme environment, four-wheel drive off-road vehicles "three locks" play an important role together, they not only allow off-road vehicles in complex road conditions to maintain stable forward, but also be able to quickly respond to a variety of emergencies, so that the off-road vehicle in the extreme challenge to show amazing cross-country capabilities.

   On paved roads, the off-road vehicle's three locks are usually not used frequently due to better road conditions. However, in the case of needing to quickly change lanes or emergency avoidance, the central differential lock can ensure that the front and rear wheels and planetary wheel carrier are in a balanced state with equal rotational speeds, avoiding loss of control of the vehicle; in the general wet mud, when a wheel is stuck in the mud and can't get out of it, the vehicle's rear axle differential lock locks, so that the vehicle can be successfully out of the woods; in the icy and snowy roads, the vehicle is prone to skidding phenomenon, and at this time, by locking the central When driving on snow and ice, the vehicle is prone to skidding, and then the center differential lock is locked, the four-wheel drive system can evenly distribute the power to the four wheels, so that the vehicle can move forward smoothly;

   When encountering strong wet mud, strange rocks, steps and such road conditions, such as the front wheels or rear wheels encountered steps and can not climb, you can lock the center differential lock and rear axle differential lock at the same time, the power will be transferred to one side of the wheels to complete the climb; when the vehicle is stuck in the mud and sand and can not be moved, the same can also be trivialized at the same time by locking the differential locks of the front and rear axles to help the vehicle get out of the trap; in addition, there is also a challenge to the limits of the In addition, there is an extreme challenging mode, that is, when the vehicle is plunged into a very deep, the driver can lock the center differential lock, front differential lock and rear differential lock at the same time, at this time the vehicle will enter the "low-speed four-wheel-drive" mode, the power and torque will be enlarged, and to help the vehicle to complete the extrication.

   In addition to the above scenarios, please also note that: the three locks are not arbitrary, the following two ways are absolutely prohibited, please pay attention to it!

   In short, whether it is climbing steep dunes, crossing sand pits or dealing with complex road conditions, "three locks" can provide strong support for off-road vehicles, and such as Iveco 4X4 such as the splitter and front and rear axle differential locks to realize the full electronic control of off-road vehicles, off-road vehicles in all aspects of performance is more than easy, so that the vehicle in the face of all kinds of road conditions are The vehicle is able to travel smoothly in all kinds of road conditions. On the topic of "three locks" on the first chat here, let us see you next time.