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Escorting Shunfeng "618 " Jiefang light truck to help shopping carnival!

2024-06-03 17:33:31



   Escort shunfeng "618", help shopping carnival, with the "618" footsteps approaching, countless consumers have been looking forward to the shopping feast is about to start, in this consumer feast is behind the countless logistics vehicles day and night hard work and courier buddies busy figure, in order to ensure that each parcel is on time, safe delivery of the hands of consumers, liberation of light trucks in particular to start the shunfeng vehicle inspection activities for the "618" logistics transportation escort. 618" logistics transportation escort.

Escorting Shunfeng

  Comprehensive inspection to prevent problems from occurring

   The service team of Jiefang Light Truck goes deep into Shunfeng logistics base and carries out a comprehensive and meticulous inspection on each transportation vehicle. From engine aftertreatment, chassis to oil, every detail is not spared. Through preventive maintenance, potential hidden dangers are found and eliminated in time to ensure that the vehicles can run smoothly during peak operation.

  Second, professional explanation to improve driving skills

   In order to let the drivers better understand and master the driving knowledge under the National VI emission standard, the service staff also specially conducted driving training for the drivers. Through in-depth explanation and vivid case sharing, the drivers became more familiar with the driving requirements and skills under the National VI emission standard, and improved their driving skills to ensure driving safety. This kind of thoughtful and considerate service won the high recognition of the drivers and SFMTC.

  Moving Service Always on Standby

   In order to do a good job of after-sales service for SF vehicles, Jiefang Light Truck has arranged one-to-one service station according to the vehicle operation track, no matter late at night or early in the morning, as long as the customer has the demand, Jiefang's 24-hour service team will respond quickly and deal with it quickly. Believe in the liberation of light truck carefully escort, shunfeng vehicle attendance and transportation efficiency will be guaranteed. During the "618" shopping festival, these vehicles will carry the expectations and trust of countless consumers, traveling to every corner of the city, and delivering every parcel to its destination on time and safely.

   This "618" shopping carnival, let us look forward to the strong combination of liberation light truck and SF logistics, for the majority of consumers to bring more convenient and efficient logistics service experience!