Spare Parts > Jiefang owner Lao Meng: CONMET wheel-end protection transportation million kilometers with heart!

Jiefang owner Lao Meng: CONMET wheel-end protection transportation million kilometers with heart!

2024-05-27 18:02:30



   How to maintain the usual calm vigor in the logistics market with low freight prices? Today, we visited a FAW Jiefang million kilometers user Lao Meng, has ushered in the age of old man, at the end of his career, doubly valued with "old comrades" FAW Jiefang heavy trucks can be common struggle time. At the same time, he exclaimed, "It's thanks to the meticulous care of CONMET Wheel End that I can fight with my old comrade until the last journey."

Jiefang owner Lao Meng: CONMET wheel-end protection transportation million kilometers with heart!

CONMET wheel ends: The secret weapon to save your heart and soul.

   "After a lifetime of driving, choosing the right tools will smooth the road for most of my life."

   Old Meng chose FAW Jiefang heavy-duty trucks to run transportation because of the excellent operating performance and stable performance of the vehicles for a long time, and this sense of peace of mind makes him feel comfortable on the thousands of miles of transportation routes. At present, Lao Meng mainly run Beijing, Changchun, the direction of the cargo list, "old comrades" mileage has long exceeded the million mark, the number on the meter can not even carry this honor.

   However, the "secret weapon" that really saves his heart is not the CONMET wheel-end. Thinking back to the journey of more than a million kilometers, the long life and maintenance-free characteristics of CONMET wheel ends have become the most reliable partner for him and his old comrades on the road of transportation through thick and thin. "Unlike traditional wheel ends, which require maintenance and greasing for a certain period of time, CONMET wheel ends have been running for so long without a single overhaul, which is a real relief and saves money," Old Meng proudly shared.

CONMET Wheel End: Worry-Free and Solid Guarantee

   "With CONMET Wheel End, my wheels are always moving forward, and life has unlimited possibilities."

   For long-distance transportation, maintenance costs and time are directly related to profit margins. The visualization design of CONMET wheel-end allows Lao Meng to monitor the oil status of the lubricant at a glance, and grasp the health information of the wheel-end in time, without frequent disassembly and inspection, which greatly saves maintenance time.

   "In the past, it took half a day to change the oil and check the wheel end, but CONMET's wheel end is visualized, and I can just look at the oil filling surface through that small window, and I haven't changed the lubricant for two years." Compared with the traditional grease-lubricated wheel ends, the oil-lubricated wheel ends not only improve the lubrication efficiency, but also prolong the service life of the bearings, providing solid protection for every long-distance trekking of Lao Meng.

   Lao Meng's story is the best proof of the quality of CONMET wheel ends - in the logistics road where challenges and opportunities exist side by side, choosing CONMET means choosing peace of mind, high efficiency and safety. His trust in CONMET wheel-end has long gone beyond the simple recognition of the product, and has evolved into the adherence to a transportation lifestyle.