Spare Parts > CONMET Wheel End: Revolutionizing Trailer Maintenance and Leading the Industry in Energy Efficiency

CONMET Wheel End: Revolutionizing Trailer Maintenance and Leading the Industry in Energy Efficiency

2024-05-23 17:28:30



   In the rapid development of commercial vehicle industry, trailer, as an important part of transportation, has gradually received attention from the industry for its maintenance and safety issues. As an enterprise always oriented to users' needs, CONMET has deepened the research and development of wheel-end technology, promoted the further development of maintenance-free parts for main chassis, and successfully introduced maintenance-free wheel-end products for trailers into the market, which is not only an important step for CONMET's global business expansion, but also a deep commitment to the Chinese trailer market and users.

CONMET Wheel End: Revolutionizing Trailer Maintenance and Leading the Industry in Energy Efficiency

Comparison between traditional wheel ends and CONMET wheel ends

   Traditional grease lubricated wheel ends have become a pain point in the industry due to high maintenance costs and safety hazards. Users are unable to visualize the lubrication status inside the wheel hub, and the heat generated by braking is poorly conducted, all of which may lead to safety accidents. Take a 3-axle trailer as an example, it needs at least 5~6 times of grease maintenance per year, and the cost of each maintenance together with the labor cost and lost labor cost is as high as 4,000~5,000 RMB per year, which seriously compresses the profit margin of users.

Innovative Advantages of CONMET Wheel End

   CONMET wheel ends are designed with a combination of visualized end caps and high-quality lubricants, which significantly reduces the incidence of breakdowns. The visual end cap allows users to monitor the lubricant status inside the wheel hub in real time, thus preventing safety accidents caused by the reduction or deterioration of the lubricant medium. At the same time, the excellent fluidity of the lubricant ensures rapid heat transfer, effectively reducing wheel temperatures and enhancing driving safety.

   Another feature of CONMET Wheel End is its long-lasting performance. As long as the oil has not deteriorated, there is no need to replace the lubricant, which eliminates the tediousness and cost of regular maintenance, and truly realizes the experience of using a car with less worry, less time and less money.

Localization strategy Deep ploughing into China market

   As a North American parts company, CONMET always adheres to the localization strategy and deeply understands the pain points and needs of Chinese users. CONMET are committed to developing long-life wheel-end products that are more suitable for China's trailer market, in order to meet users' pursuit of high efficiency, energy saving and safety.

   CONMET will continue to take innovation as the core, optimize product performance and provide more efficient and environmentally friendly wheel end solutions. With the continuous progress of technology and market expansion, CONMET wheel ends will become a new benchmark in the commercial vehicle industry, helping users to realize more efficient and economical operation, and welcoming the new era of green and clean transportation together. CONMET will work together with you to create the future, and make every trip a safe and worry-free journey.