News > FAW Jiefang was selected as one of the "Pioneer 100 Chinese ESG Listed Companies" for the second consecutive year.

FAW Jiefang was selected as one of the "Pioneer 100 Chinese ESG Listed Companies" for the second consecutive year.

2024-07-05 10:00:00



   On June 30, "China ESG (Corporate Social Responsibility) 2024 Annual ESG Action Report", jointly organized by CCTV, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and China Society for Enterprise Reform and Development (CSRD), was released in Beijing. The event released the "China ESG Listed Companies Pioneer 100" list, and FAW Jiefang was successfully listed in the "China ESG Listed Companies Pioneer 100" list, ranking 67th.

FAW Jiefang was selected as one of the

   As a national automobile brand, FAW Jiefang continuously deepens the construction of ESG system, promotes the integration of ESG concepts into the company's strategy, production and operation, and corporate culture, strengthens the disclosure of ESG information, and leads the sustainable development of the commercial vehicle industry with a benchmark posture. 2023, FAW Jiefang was selected as one of the "Pioneer 100 of China's ESG Listed Companies" list and the "Top 20 of China's Automobile Industry ESG Pioneer Index", and was awarded the "Annual ESG Pioneer Index" and the "Annual ESG Pioneer Index". In 2023, FAW Jiefang was selected as one of the "China ESG Listed Companies Pioneer 100" and "China Automotive Industry ESG Pioneer Index TOP 20", and was awarded the "Annual ESG Pioneer Enterprise Award". On the basis of releasing the social responsibility report for five consecutive years, FAW Jiefang formally transformed the report into an ESG report, comprehensively sharing the company's personal practice in the environment, society, and corporate governance, and continuing to polish the color of the pioneers who take on responsibility.

  Stimulate endogenous power with innovation and change to build a new engine for sustainable development.

   FAW Jiefang adheres to the dual-wheel drive of innovation and change to build the core advantages of the enterprise. In terms of change, FAW Jiefang deeply implements the requirements of the new round of state-owned enterprise reform, continuously deepens the process-oriented organizational change, improves the management system innovation, and initially builds up a matrix organizational structure with nine industries and four systems as the main body, "the product line is the main battle, and the functional departments are the main construction". In terms of innovation, FAW Jiefang focuses on traditional vehicles, new energy, intelligent network, new business and other fields, and will tackle 96 key core technologies in 2023 to accelerate the creation of new quality productivity, enhance core functions, improve core competitiveness, and write a new chapter of Chinese modernization of state-owned enterprises. 2024, the brand value of "Jiefang" is worth 131.845 billion yuan, and has led the commercial vehicle industry in brand value for 13 consecutive years. In 2024, the brand value of "Jiefang" will be 131.845 billion yuan, leading the commercial vehicle industry for 13 consecutive years.

  Enabling Green Manufacturing with Digital Intelligence Transformation and Promoting the Implementation of the "Double Carbon" Goal

   FAW Liberation, as a firm practitioner and promoter of the "double carbon" strategy, continues to strengthen the development of green and low-carbon transformation, the establishment of the car - the environment of the organic integration of the low-carbon route, and further promote the "zero-carbon factories", "photovoltaic applications", "elimination of high-energy-consuming equipment" and other work. In terms of photovoltaic application, in 2023, FAW Jiefang's photovoltaic power generation capacity will be 30,816,000 kWh, and carbon dioxide emission will be reduced by 23,254.6 tons. In terms of new energy product development, FAW Jiefang accelerates the "15333" new energy strategy, creates new energy 2.0 series products, establishes the "carbon neutral technology innovation platform", and successfully researches and develops the ammonia-hydrogen fusion direct-injection zero-carbon combustion engine and realizes the world's first ignition. Meanwhile, with the help of digitalization, the company has built a carbon account platform system for commercial vehicles in China, driving the commercial vehicle industry chain to actively participate in the construction of the national carbon market and promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry chain supply chain.

  Building a Better and Harmonious Society by Taking Responsibility for People's Well-being

   FAW Jiefang adheres to the same frequency resonance of its own development and social service, actively practices the responsibility concept of "harmonious development of human-vehicle-society", continues to cultivate the public welfare brand of "Jiefang Love Pilot", helps truck drivers, supports the education dreams of students, takes the initiative to rescue and relief, and devotes itself to the revitalization of the countryside, and carries out the mission of the eldest son of the original heart with practical actions. 2023, FAW Jiefang continuously enriches the connotation of the project of "Jiefang Love Pilot - Caring for Truck Drivers", and provides support for flood relief in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Heiji regions. Driver" project connotation, in the continuation of the disaster, traffic accidents, major diseases to carry out support on the basis of the increase in the school fund, positive energy fund, hand in hand with the liberation of love to navigate the public welfare partners have donated a total of more than 16,170,000 yuan, escorting 3,794 truckers and their families; to five colleges and universities to donate 1,000,000 yuan of scholarships to the love of the students in difficulty to support a piece of the sky; donations of 8 million yuan to support the Beijing-Tianjin-Heiji region to fight floods. Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Heiji area flood rescue, showing the "country's great" to bear; based on Guangxi Fengshan County, Jilin Zhenlai County designated to help the region, 2023 cumulative purchase and help sell agricultural products from poverty-stricken areas more than 8.3 million yuan, to do the actual performance of the effectiveness of the "rural revitalization" satisfactory answer sheet.

   The future is promising. FAW Jiefang will take the selection of "China ESG Listed Companies Pioneer 100" as a new starting point, consciously shoulder the responsibility of high-quality development in the era, and while promoting its own sustainable development, further integrate ESG concepts into corporate strategy and daily operation, and set up a benchmark model of ESG practice for the commercial vehicle industry through lean management system, development of new productivity, green and low-carbon operation, and participation in public welfare, etc. It also contributes to the construction of the "rural revitalization" project. Through lean management system, development of new quality productivity, green and low-carbon operation, and participation in public welfare, the company will set up a benchmark for ESG practice in the commercial vehicle industry and contribute to the construction of a strong manufacturing country and a strong transportation country.