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What's the leading technology in the trucking giant's all-electric heavy-duty trucks?

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   As the commercial vehicle industry accelerates its transition to new energy, the coverage of new energy commercial vehicles continues to broaden, covering a wide range of areas such as light trucks, light buses and even medium and heavy trucks. In the face of the growing market trend of new energy heavy-duty trucks, international trucking giants have taken positive actions and are committed to providing users with efficient and reliable new energy vehicle solutions.

   Taking the "four giants" of the global commercial vehicle industry as an example, Transporters.com counts four representative new energy heavy-duty truck models, namely Volvo FH Electric pure electric tractor, MAN eTGS pure electric tractor, Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 electric heavy-duty truck, and Scania 45 S pure electric tractor. These new energy heavy trucks, which have attracted the attention of global logistics and transportation users, reflect to a certain extent the transformation trend of the "Big Four" international trucks.

Volvo FH Electric Pure Electric Tractor

   As the world's leading truck manufacturer, Volvo Trucks' FH Electric electric heavy-duty truck won the industry's prestigious "2024 International Truck of the Year" award in 2023. It has also performed very well in the European market, becoming one of the best-selling electric trucks.

What's the leading technology in the trucking giant's all-electric heavy-duty trucks?

   In terms of power, the Volvo FH Electric adopts a specially designed electric drive system, which has a powerful electric motor and is equipped with the "I-Shift" series gearbox specially improved for the electrified platform, which can optimize the power consumption of the vehicle at all speeds and improve the operational efficiency of the whole vehicle.

   The electric motor of the vehicle is installed in front of the I-Shift 12-speed gearbox, with abundant and stable power output, which is transmitted to the drive axle through the gearbox and driveshaft, and the maximum output of the vehicle under the three-motor configuration can be up to 660 hp, which meets the demand for efficient transportation.

   Depending on the range required, the Volvo FH Electric can be equipped with two to six battery packs, with a maximum total battery capacity of 540 kWh. The vehicle's charging port, located above the side blind spot radar behind the right front wheel arch, utilizes a CCS Type-2 connector and supports a DC fast-charging system with up to 250 kW of power, with a full charge time of 2.5 hours, ensuring a long range and fast replenishment experience.

MAN eTGS Electric Tractors

   At the end of 2023, the eTGX and eTGS series of electric heavy-duty trucks from the veteran German commercial vehicle manufacturer, MAN, were officially launched. Among them, the MAN eTGS pure electric tractor is geared towards long-distance transportation scenarios and can be matched with a wide range of trailers, while chassis truck configurations are also available to meet the vehicle needs of various scenarios.

What's the leading technology in the trucking giant's all-electric heavy-duty trucks?

   The battery pack of MAN eTGS adopts an innovative thermal management system and is matched with CCS combined fast charging, which can be upgraded to megawatt fast charging in the future, realizing the ability to travel thousands of miles per day. The vehicle can be equipped with three to six battery packs, each with a capacity of 80 kWh and a maximum capacity of 480 kWh, which can bring efficient operation experience for long-distance transportation.

   The entire vehicle adopts the new central electric drive assembly developed by MAN, which consists of electric motor, inverter, transmission and other components. The motor is available in three horsepower bands of 333hp, 449hp and 544hp, with corresponding maximum torque of 800Nm, 1,150Nm and 1,250Nm, which are matched with 2-speed or 4-speed gearboxes to meet the specific needs of different working conditions.

   In order to enhance the energy utilization efficiency of the entire vehicle, MAN eTGX and eTGS are equipped with three sets of cooling systems, which are respectively used for the temperature control of the battery pack, the heat dissipation of the central electric drive system, as well as the cab's ring control. Under the combination of these three sets of cooling systems, the entire vehicle distributes heat reasonably, which not only ensures the comfort of the cab interior, but also ensures the good working temperature of the battery and electric motor, which guarantees safety.

Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 Electric Heavy Duty Truck

   Among the electric heavy-duty trucks of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, the one that attracts the most attention is the Mercedes-Benz eActros 600, the flagship electric heavy-duty truck of iconic significance, which is specially designed for long-distance mainline logistics transportation scenarios. The extreme cold and snow tests in Finland have attracted a lot of attention from the global trucking industry.

What's the leading technology in the trucking giant's all-electric heavy-duty trucks?

   The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 has a unique exterior design, with a closed front hood and the classic Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star emblem set prominently above. It is worth noting that the Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 6x2 cargo model is equipped with a GigaSpace high-roof cab with sleeper. The new cab is extended by 8 centimeters at the front end and tilted backward at a larger angle, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, effectively reduces the wind resistance coefficient.

   In terms of power, the entire vehicle utilizes the 800V platform technology and adopts the integrated electric drive axle design, which integrates dual electric motors and a four-speed transmission, with a peak power of up to 600 kW (816 hp) and a continuous power of 400 kW (544 hp). Such a power configuration is fully capable of meeting the demands of long-distance and high-speed driving, bringing strong acceleration experience, excellent driving comfort and stable driving dynamics performance to transporters.

   In terms of battery, Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is equipped with three sets of lithium iron phosphate batteries with suspension installation, each with a capacity of 207 kWh and a total capacity of 621 kWh, bringing the vehicle a range of more than 500 kilometers. In terms of replenishment, the vehicle has a 400 kW power DC fast charging system, equipped with the European standard CCS Combo Type-2 fusion DC fast charging interface, which can provide users with an efficient replenishment experience.

Scania 45 S Pure Electric Tractor

   Currently, Scania's electric long-haul heavy-duty trucks include four basic models, namely the 40 R, 45 R, 40 S and 45 S. The Scania 45 S continues to be the "king of the highway" with its long range and high power.

What's the leading technology in the trucking giant's all-electric heavy-duty trucks?

   The vehicle utilizes the classic mid-mounted motor-drive design and is equipped with Scania's EM C3-6 electric drive assembly. This design combines the advantages of a three-motor drive and a six-speed automatic transmission. The power is transmitted precisely to the rear axle via a driveshaft, which further enhances the power efficiency, resulting in a sustained power of up to 450kW (610bhp).

   In terms of range, the vehicle is equipped with four sets of Scania's own power batteries, with a total capacity of 624kWh, capable of providing an operating range of 440km for a vehicle with a gross weight of 40 tons. In order to fit the battery packs, Scania has optimized the chassis layout, adopting an extra-long wheelbase of 4.15 meters and a saddle height of as low as 105 centimeters, bringing greater carrying capacity.

   As new energy heavy-duty trucks gradually heat up, it may be an important time for industry reshuffling. As the number one power of new energy vehicles, China's FAW Liberation, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle and other enterprises have long been launched the layout. After the wave, which companies can become the "giant" of new energy heavy trucks? You favor "domestic" or "imported", you can say your thoughts in the comments section.