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Foton responded positively to the “rumors and gossips“ with innovative technology and comprehensive services to protect the users of Auman gas vehicles.

2024-05-14 14:04:18 Source:yunshuren.com



  Recently, Foton held a media briefing, inviting customer representatives, industry experts, commercial vehicle industry, financial and mass media, as well as many dealers. The briefing was a positive response to a series of "rumors" on the Internet about Foton's gas engine structure.

Foton responded positively to the “rumors and gossips“ with innovative technology and comprehensive services to protect the users of Auman gas vehicles.

  Liu Xuguang, vice president and spokesman of Foton Motor Group, emphasized that Foton products fully comply with national environmental protection requirements, and relevant organizations have conducted strict tests, including icing tests, crankcase pressure tests, PEMS tests, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of the vehicle in different temperatures and working conditions. The test results all show that Foton's gas vehicle products do not have any emission problems and comply with national environmental protection requirements. In addition, the relevant government departments have also passed the announcement of loading 15N gas engine products, which further proves the quality and environmental performance of Foton products. At the same time, he called on the commercial vehicle industry to focus on technological innovation and model innovation, to build a clear public opinion environment, and to work together to promote China's commercial vehicles to a broader global stage.

  Feng Jing, vice president of Foton Motor Power Transmission, in a media interview, for Foton Auman all-in-one products and ordinary diesel engines to explain the differentiation, at the same time, she emphasized: "We do the process of gas engine development, do a lot of what can be said to be innovative, but can not be said to be the original, we are more of an innovation on the application level, as well as we are especially for gas vehicles in our We have done special development for gas vehicles in our actual vehicle application working condition scenarios. I think this is a very big feature of Foton Auman's gas engine or Foton's gas engine."

  This is mainly manifested in (the following is organized based on the interview conversation):

   First, the use of integrated and optimized intake system, pulse exhaust and EGR system, water-cooled supercharger with dual runners/dual bypasses, Miller cycle, etc. The application of these technologies effectively enhances the filling efficiency, reduces pumping losses and improves the uniformity of each cylinder, which in turn enhances the combustion efficiency, reduces the use of gas consumption and improves the gas economy.

   Second, the use of high-energy ignition system, adaptive detonation control technology, the use of these two technologies effectively reduces the incidence of common misfire, detonation in the natural gas engine, further reducing the actual use of gas consumption.

   Third, specialized structural design for the characteristics of the gas engine, such as the use of innovative special pistons, the shape of the steel piston, the shape of the throat design. Piston ring assemblies, valves and seats of new materials, the application of these technologies effectively reduces the oil consumption of gas machines. Especially, the wear and tear caused by the dry friction of the valves and seat rings is effectively improved by the application of new materials and new technologies.

   Fourthly, the gas engine adopts the tightly coupled three-way catalytic converter, which can make the catalyst's rapid ignition temperature much lower, which can effectively reduce the exhaust emission, and also reduce the gas consumption, without the need to use too much thermal management to control the emissions at low temperatures and improve the catalyst's conversion efficiency at low temperatures. This technology is the first to be used by Foton gas engine.

   Fifthly, gas engines have a large amount of water in the exhaust gas compared to diesel engines, which can pass through the EGR piping or CCV piping and pose a risk of icing under extreme operating conditions. Insulation and heating measures have been used in the development process to reduce the gas engine's adaptability to extreme operating conditions.

  Foton has both engines and complete vehicles under its umbrella, after three years to complete a total of 15,000 hours of engine bench reliable durability testing, the conditions to achieve more than 10 million kilometers of the vehicle road inspection reliable durability test, the longest single vehicle verification mileage of more than 550,000 kilometers, after three rounds of three high (high temperature / plateau / high cold) limit verification, through a large number of verification to ensure that the vehicle in Xinjiang, Ningxia. Through a lot of verification to ensure the adaptability of the vehicle to the local environment in Xinjiang, Ningxia, including Sichuan-Chongqing, Northeast China and Tibet.

  In addition, Foton has also carried out adaptive road verification of gas components, including high temperature and water content, for the characteristics of gas engines. The main component of natural gas is methane, but in fact there are also ethane, propane and other components, the methane content directly affects the engine combustion performance and reliability and durability.

  Feng Jing said: "Our validation is very full, it is with these specialized development and specialized validation that our engines and complete vehicles can provide attendance guarantee and TCO value for the user's use. This mainly comes from the technical characteristics brought about by the differences in the characteristics of gas engines and diesel engines and the specialized development for these technical characteristics. "

  On May 10th, Auman also released 24 natural gas heavy-duty trucks, as well as an exclusive service policy for gas vehicles, and made a solemn commitment to ten major service guarantees. These ten promises cover the core components of the 5-year long warranty, the gas cylinder device of the 3-year warranty, to ensure that the user's long-term trust in the product. At the same time, the promises of 700,000 kilometers labor-free fee for the after-treatment system and 100,000 kilometers extra-long maintenance cycle aim to reduce the maintenance cost of users and the number of pit stops for repairs. Foton also provides a number of services, such as cylinder failure only replacement and not repair, liability-free service, free nighttime out rescue, etc., to ensure that users enjoy a full range of protection in the course of use.

  It is worth mentioning that Foton Motor provides high compensation for lost labor, so that users can operate without worry. In addition, Foton also promises gas-saving performance to bring users an economical and environmentally friendly transportation experience. The "321" flash repair service also ensures that users can quickly get a solution when they encounter faults, which further enhances the user experience.

  It is understood that the domestic sales volume of natural gas heavy trucks in the first quarter was 222,000 units, an increase of about 13% compared to 2023. It is expected that the domestic heavy truck sales for the whole year will be more than 800,000 units, of which it is expected that the sales of natural gas heavy trucks can account for about 15%, i.e. about 120,000 units. The higher share of gas engines in tractor-trailers is mainly due to the price difference between natural gas and diesel, which will bring more profit for the long-distance dedicated transportation business in terms of revenue.

  As a star product of Foton, Auman gas trucks have been very competitive and accumulated a good market reputation since they were introduced to the market with their high efficiency and environmental protection features, which have the advantages of high efficiency, low emission and low fuel consumption, and bring higher operation efficiency and lower operation cost for users.

  A series of service policies launched by Auman not only show the depth of care for users' needs, but also reflect the confidence in product quality. This time, Foton, as the world's No. 1 commercial vehicle sales volume of state-owned enterprises, can be so open and solemn posture to respond to network "gossip", to dealers to support, but also to the majority of users to eat a "pill of confidence".