News > The average gas consumption of 100 kilometers is 28.8kg! Successful Completion of the Trans-China Freshness Journey of Auman Gas Vehicles

The average gas consumption of 100 kilometers is 28.8kg! Successful Completion of the Trans-China Freshness Journey of Auman Gas Vehicles

2024-05-14 14:58:34



   At 14:00 pm on May 10, 2024, the challenging vehicles of "Harnessing 'Gas' to Go Fresh - 2024 Auman Gas Vehicle Fresh Journey across China" arrived at Yibin, Sichuan after 78 hours and 3,800 kilometers of driving. After 78 hours and 3,800 kilometers of driving, the challenge vehicle arrived at the end point of Sichuan Yibin smoothly. In this challenge activity, Auman Galaxy gas trucks handed over a most authentic high score answer sheet for the majority of transporters with an extremely low gas consumption of 28.8kg per 100 kilometers on average, and showed the mature technology and hardcore strength of Auman gas heavy trucks with the superb power performance of easily conquering the complex working conditions such as continuous climbing, high altitude and long downhill!

The average gas consumption of 100 kilometers is 28.8kg!  Successful Completion of the Trans-China Freshness Journey of Auman Gas Vehicles

   In the evening, dozens of famous liquor enterprises from China attended the dinner party of "Gathering Chain and Walking to Create Harmony" organized by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP). At the dinner, Auman not only shared the fruits, dried fruits, cocktails and cultural and creative artifacts of Xinjiang, but also introduced the real data of Auman's gas trucks in the Trans-China Fresh Journey activity, "saving" as much as they can.

  The real test of extreme working conditions and the 8,000-mile journey set a brand-new record.

   During the journey from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Yibin, Sichuan, Auman gas trucks had to pass through three provinces, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Sichuan, and were subjected to a temperature difference of nearly 40 degrees throughout the whole journey, crossing various transportation scenarios such as plains, hills, mountains and plateaus. From the desert Gobi in Lop Nur No Man's Land to the Arjinshan Mountain in the northern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; from 300 kilometers of super-long uphill climb to the harsh test of 3,000 meters of high altitude drop. The extreme performance of Auman's gas trucks under real transportation conditions further highlights Auman's product capability of precisely defining customer scenarios, and continuously transforming user needs into product performance indexes, forming differentiated competitive advantages, and helping customers' operation value jump up in the whole life cycle.

   According to the data of Vehicle Network, in this Trans-China Fresh Journey activity, the torque output of Auman Galaxy gas vehicle is 2600N-m, which can easily adapt to continuous climbing, high altitude and other working conditions. iBreak (engine in-cylinder braking) function combined with the hydrodynamic retarder works more than 20 times under the working conditions of long descent to improve the safety of driving in the process of also reducing gas consumption. The intelligent fuel-saving switch adjusts the engine speed and torque according to the vehicle operating conditions and reduces the frequency of gear shifting, further improving efficiency and reducing consumption.

   He Dengcai, vice president of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said, "The extreme and complex working conditions of the Auman gas vehicle showed the development potential of logistics equipment, and I hope that Auman, China's leading commercial vehicle brand, can continue to challenge the limits and exceed the limits based on the working conditions of logistics customers' vehicle scenarios, and serve the modernization of logistics and transportation development."

   Mr. Zhang Jingyao, General Manager of Strategic Sales Company of Auman Division, said, "Since the expansion of the gas vehicle market, Auman gas heavy trucks have won the favor of many customers with the advantages of low gas consumption and strong power. In the increasingly competitive environment of the transportation market, Auman will help improve logistics efficiency and reduce costs through the upgrading of medium- and heavy-duty truck equipment, and continue to serve customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the whole life cycle of their operations."

  Developing New Productivity with Technological Innovation Lower Gas Consumption Helps Increase Efficiency and Revenue

   Logistics is a comprehensive industry where efficiency is king and cost is the key to success, and the rise of new quality productivity provides a clear guideline for reducing the logistics cost of the whole society. Facing the new trend of development, Auman leads the new technology, new scene, new power and new industry with innovation, and improves the logistics efficiency and reduces the cost by upgrading the equipment of medium and heavy trucks.

   The vehicle used in this Fresh Journey activity is Auman Galaxy gas heavy truck, equipped with Fukang 580 hp gas engine, with a maximum torque of 2,600N-m; matched with the world's most advanced ZF AMT transmission, with a maximum transmission efficiency of 99.7%; the VCU central integrated control realizes the linkage of multiple controllers of the whole vehicle, and improves the overall economy through the customization of subdivided working conditions and scenarios, and reduces the overall gas consumption by about 3% again. The overall gas consumption is further reduced by about 3%. Comprehensively calculated, the gas consumption of Auman Galaxy 580 HP automatic transmission gas heavy truck is 1-2kg lower than that of competitors in 100km, and in this challenge trip, it even shows the proof of more gas-saving with the extremely low gas consumption of 28.8kg in 100km: Auman gas trucks can bring the quickest and the most direct operational benefits for users.

   The road is a long way to know the horse power! The more severe the working conditions are, the better the test for the products and the more the "touchstone" for the technical test. Zhang Hongjun, Foton Cummins Sichuan and Chongqing regional manager, said: "We jointly create customized product solutions with Auman in the pre-development stage of the entire vehicle, integrated calibration matching and verification to achieve exclusive customization of technology, and achieve comprehensive improvement of product reliability through the interoperability of the underlying data, integrated synergistic control and one-stop service."

   In the face of the critical period of inventory competition in the commercial vehicle market, based on the trust in its own product technology, Auman takes the lead in the industry to release the "Auman Gas Vehicle Super Guardian Worry-Free Service": for customers who purchase Auman 15N gas tractors and trucks from May 1 to December 31, 2024, Auman will provide a five-year long warranty for the original engine 5C+ and flywheel shell parts. On the basis of the original 5C engine + five-year long warranty policy for flywheel shell parts, Auman is the first in the heavy truck industry to launch the "3+5" warranty, with a 3-year warranty for the Fukang 15N engine and a 5-year warranty for the ZF automatic transmission, which is a leading service policy for gas-fired trucks, and promotes the further upgrading of service guarantee in the commercial vehicle industry.

   Challenge the limit, exceed the limit! Today's successful challenge is just another "small step" for Auman brand to lead the industry forward. In the future, Auman will work with the industry to accelerate the development of new productivity, promote the construction of China's modern logistics system with high-quality logistics and transportation equipment, and lead the new era of China's commercial vehicle industry.