Light Duty Commercial Vehicles > Research and Sales Synergy:Jiefang Light Truck Sales exceeded 10,000 units in April

Research and Sales Synergy:Jiefang Light Truck Sales exceeded 10,000 units in April

2024-05-14 16:56:57



   Since the beginning of this year, Qingdao Vehicle Division deeply implements the annual work deployment of Jiefang Company, focuses on the requirements of "resolutely winning four major battles", system synergy, full force, and promotes the breakthrough of Jiefang light truck. After winning the red door in the first quarter, PLA light trucks once again realized the eye-catching result of monthly sales exceeding 10,000 units in April, with sales doubled year-on-year, which strongly supported FAW Jiefang's continuous navigation.

Research and Sales Synergy:Jiefang Light Truck Sales exceeded 10,000 units in April

  Research and Sales Synergy Boosts Sales Growth with Product Leadership

   Light-duty vehicle product line and light-duty vehicle sales company strong synergy, close collaboration, the full release of the effectiveness of change, rapid response to market demand, focusing on cost optimization, lightweight, quality improvement, vehicle fuel consumption, comfort and other aspects of improving the competitiveness of light truck products; rooted in user scenarios, follow the needs of the user, to create a heavy-duty 2.0 focus on the product, the cumulative share of the market segments amounted to 18.2%; the cargo product line In the first quarter, 13 new products were launched, accounting for 26% of the orders; the development of new energy models was pushed forward with full force, the launch progress was accelerated, and the breakthrough in the cargo market was made quickly, with the sales volume increasing by 371% year-on-year in April. Changes on the ground show results, research and sales integration and development, Jiefang light truck research and sales synergy to help sales increase project won the FAW Group Pioneer Case Red List.

  Taking the initiative to accelerate market breakthroughs with precise strategies

   Paying close attention to industry dynamics, scientific insight and precise judgment, since the release of the "Long March Plan" in 2024, the Jiefang light-duty vehicle marketing system has locked the work idea of "proactive attack" + "rapid expansion". Since the release of the "Long March Plan" in 2024, the PLA light-duty vehicle marketing system has locked the working idea of "proactive attack" + "rapid expansion", and continued to push forward the "2143" marketing strategy throughout the year, releasing the "Q Plan" at the channel level to strengthen the construction of the marketing channels, and the "X Program" at the customer level to gather the stock. At the customer level, the "X Program" was launched to gather the stock market to scramble for users; and differentiated strategies were implemented around hot market segments, key regions, and short boards of the cities, etc., to formulate targeted measures according to the target gaps, to seize the opportunities and solve the pain points. Shandong, Suizhou, two regional department with monthly sales of more than 1,000 results strongly support the light truck sales of more than 10,000 per month.

  Quality Assurance Realize High Quality and Efficient Delivery by Lean Manufacturing

   In order to better improve the product strength of Jiefang light truck and to cope with the challenges of new energy models, Qingdao Vehicle Division actively explores and establishes the flexible material transportation mode of mixed-flow production and the mixed-flow production model of new energy products, and promotes the structural improvement in the form of R&D and production exchanges and on-site meetings to optimize the product structure and the process layout. Combined with the production characteristics and technical requirements of new energy models, the company fully collects and self-identifies bottlenecks in the production process to ensure the smooth operation of mixed-flow production and the rapid ramp-up of new energy production capacity.

   We will not stop when we are halfway up the mountain, and we will start again when we are in the middle of the stream. Qingdao Vehicle Division will firmly implement the strategic plan of Jiefang Company, anchor the annual business objectives, continue to deepen the system synergy, shoulder the responsibility, rise to the challenge, fight for the second quarter, and resolutely win the first half of the year, to promote Jiefang Light Trucks to a new level, and help FAW Jiefang to lead the way!