News > New benchmark for pure electric light trucks! JAC new ShuaiLing EV5 is launched globally!

New benchmark for pure electric light trucks! JAC new ShuaiLing EV5 is launched globally!

2024-05-27 16:57:01



   Under the global trend of low carbon and energy saving, the sales of new energy light trucks have been rising, and the transformation of "oil for electricity" has been accelerating. From January to April this year, sales of pure electric light trucks amounted to 17,000 units, accounting for 88.8%. However, the high selling price has become a bottleneck restricting the development of new energy light trucks.

New benchmark for pure electric light trucks! JAC new ShuaiLing EV5 is launched globally!

   On May 15, the global listing event of JAC ShuaiLing EV5 was grandly opened in Donghuai. This new car priced at 129,800 RMB has officially entered the market, bringing the transportation people a real "electricity is more profitable than oil" experience.

   The Shuailing EV5 pure electric light truck released this time integrates 60 years of JAC's car-making heritage and adopts the fourth-generation intelligent pure electric exclusive chassis, which not only ensures super high quality, but also performs well in range, power, load capacity, and cost-effectiveness, and provides a better solution for diversified urban distribution scenarios.

   In terms of range, the new car adopts the third-generation single-pack 81kWh battery of YIWEI, with three-stage energy recovery, which effectively improves the range, and the whole vehicle has a range of more than 200km, and it only takes 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% at room temperature, which completely solves the user's anxiety about the range. In addition, Shuailing EV5 also supports a long warranty of 8 years or 400,000 kilometers.

   In terms of power, Shuailing EV5 adopts Petra flat-wire motor, which has the advantages of small size, light weight and strong power compared with round-wire motor. With a maximum power of 130kW and a maximum torque of 360N-m, it takes only 4.64 seconds to accelerate from 0-50km/h under fully loaded conditions, which allows users to start one step faster and greatly improves delivery efficiency.

   In terms of load carrying, Shuailing EV5 has a cargo space of 20 cubic meters, and with the fourth-generation pure electric exclusive chassis and 180 through-beam design, it shows stronger, more stable and more reliable characteristics. Meanwhile, with the integrated electric drive axle with a transmission efficiency of 97.98% and larger cross-section axle shells, 6-hole tires and other configurations, it further enhances the vehicle's load-carrying capacity.

   In addition to its hard power, Shuailing EV5 is also quite ingenious in its exterior design. The new front face is full of dynamic styling, and the deflector is raised to reduce wind resistance; the interior is embellished with gold trim, which is stylish and atmospheric; the original chequered carpet is non-slip and easy to clean; and the knitted fabric on the roof is both beautiful and easy to take care of. From the full of details, Shuailing EV5 really achieves the price reduction without quality reduction, and the whole vehicle configuration is quite solid.

   At the event, this newly upgraded Shuailing EV5 attracted the attention of many transporters once it was unveiled. Test drivers have said that the vehicle starts smoothly, accelerates quickly and maneuvers flexibly. At the same time, the price of 129,800 yuan and rich preferential policies have inspired the on-site ordering of the vehicle. It is reported that in just two months since the release of the global pre-sale of the JAC Shuailing EV5, nearly 2,000 units of orders have been completed, and the number of web browsers of the launch event has exceeded 2 million, which has once again proved its market popularity and consumer recognition.

   In addition, in order to help logistics enterprises improve quality and efficiency, and reduce operating costs for the transport people, JAC also reached a cooperation initiative on the electrification of logistics light trucks with a number of logistics enterprises, to jointly provide better products and services for the transport people, and also to provide strong support for the green development of the local logistics industry.

   In this event, many regional big customers also realized the signing and delivery, and fully recognized the new upgrade of Shuailing EV5. This model not only meets the "oil-for-electricity" needs of transporters in diverse scenarios such as urban distribution logistics, express delivery, and supermarkets, but also allows them to enjoy the intelligent and comfortable experience brought by the new generation of pure electric light trucks at the same cost.

   Over the years, JAC has actively responded to the national new energy strategy and promoted the comprehensive electrification of the public sector. Relying on the advanced technology platform, the "three carriages" of super charging, super mixing, and super switching go hand in hand, and have launched the value war of new energy commercial vehicles. In the future, JAC will continue to uphold the concept of technology leadership and excellent quality, and contribute more value to the users' wealth creation and the industry's green, low-carbon and high-quality development.