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One Vehicle, Many Uses! Zhongtong Pure Electric Passenger, Cargo and Mail Products at 2024 Beijing Road Transportation Exhibition

2024-06-03 17:53:45



   From January to April 2024, the bus market accumulated sales of 33,039 units, an increase of 61.66 year-on-year, a strong growth. The bus market has always been regarded as a "policy market", which is greatly influenced by national policies. In 2024, the bus market can continue to prosper, mainly due to the support of three favorable policies.

One Vehicle, Many Uses! Zhongtong Pure Electric Passenger, Cargo and Mail Products at 2024 Beijing Road Transportation Exhibition

   At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Transportation and other nine departments jointly issued the "Guidance on Accelerating the Integrated Development of Rural Passenger, Cargo and Postal Services", which proposes to promote the transportation of mail and express mail on behalf of rural passenger vehicles, providing policy support for passenger, cargo and postal products.

   In March, the State Council issued the Action Program for Promoting Large-scale Equipment Renewal and Consumer Goods Replacement, highlighting the support for the replacement of old new energy public transportation buses and power batteries, which boosted the market demand for new energy buses.

   In May, the State Council issued the 2024-2025 Action Plan for Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, which emphasized the promotion of low-carbon transformation of transportation equipment, pointing out the direction for the green development of the bus market.

   In the 2024 Beijing Road Transportation Vehicle Exhibition, among the 13 bus products exhibited, 10 of them are under 10 meters, accounting for nearly 80%, which indicates that the trend of "big to small" buses will gradually become the norm. Zhongtong Bus "followed the trend" and displayed an 8m2 pure electric passenger, cargo and mail bus.

   The passenger, cargo and mail bus model mainly takes into account the transportation of passengers and mail, express mail, luggage and other freight transportation functions. Zhongtong Bus's 8m2 pure electric passenger, cargo and mail vehicle is configured with full consideration of the usage scenarios and actual needs, and has multiple advantages such as high efficiency and energy saving, stability and reliability, safety and comfort. Since it was put into operation in June 2023, it has realized batch sales in Yunnan, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Fujian and other places, and the market response has been enthusiastic.

   As for the electric drive system, the vehicle adopts the direct-drive motor drive technology with the high-power drive motor TZ368XSZT01, which simplifies the transmission system, reduces the failure rate, and improves the reliability and maintenance convenience of the vehicle. At the same time, the direct-drive motor responds quickly and also fully meets the needs of short-distance rapid transportation.

   As for the battery, the vehicle adopts the Ningde Times lithium iron phosphate power battery, with a power capacity of up to 210.56kw/h. The moderate energy density of the lithium iron phosphate battery not only ensures that the maximum range is more than 350 kilometers, but also reduces the weight of the entire vehicle and improves the transportation efficiency. In addition, this battery also has good stability and reliability, reducing the risk of vehicle stoppage due to battery failure.

   In addition, Zhongtong Bus utilizes the sixth-generation energy-saving technology, which effectively reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle. The vehicle's electricity consumption is only 0.41 degrees per kilometer, which significantly reduces operating costs, improves the vehicle's economy, and contributes to green and environmentally friendly travel.

   In addition to high efficiency and energy saving, Zhongtong Bus also focuses on improving the comfort and practicality of the vehicle. This vehicle adopts the latest generation of lightweight technology as well as full load-bearing body design, which provides the vehicle with a larger luggage compartment space and can fully meet the needs of mail, express and luggage transportation. The luggage compartment volume reaches 2.9 cubic meters, which is larger compared to its counterparts, and is capable of carrying more express mail and luggage.

   Meanwhile, the exterior and interior of the vehicle have also been upgraded, and the adoption of luxury aviation flame retardant interior not only brings passengers a more comfortable and luxurious experience, but also effectively prevents fires from occurring and protects the lives of passengers. These designs make Zhongtong's pure electric passenger, cargo and mail buses more competitive in the market.

   It is worth mentioning that the market performance of Zhongtong buses in January-April 2024 is very eye-catching, with the cumulative sales volume reaching 3,604 units, a year-on-year increase of 121.78%, an achievement which fully proves Zhongtong's leading position and strong strength in the passenger transportation market. As one of the representative brands in the bus industry, Zhongtong Bus has always responded positively to the policy call and played a good role as a model.

   Looking ahead, Zhongtong Bus will continue to optimize its passenger transport models in line with the market demand and development trend, launch more bus products that meet the market demand and green environmental protection requirements, and make greater contribution to the transformation and upgrading of the industry.