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Explore the new base of Chongqing Cummins and feel the power of "core" creation!

2024-06-03 18:01:50



   Mining, railroad, shipping, oil and gas industry, rapid development, high-horsepower engine applications are increasingly hot, how to forge a more powerful power "core" to meet user and market expectations, a Cummins base in Chongqing to find the answer.

Explore the new base of Chongqing Cummins and feel the power of

Upgrading Manufacturing Capacity

   The new Cummins base in Chongqing covers an area of 400 acres, with an annual output of more than 23,000 units of high-horsepower engines. It is built according to Cummins' global advanced standards, and combines an innovative technology center, an advanced manufacturing system, and a highly efficient logistic system, and possesses advanced manufacturing and R&D strengths to meet the diversified demands of China's high-horsepower market.

Complete production lines and excellent quality

   The new base has three assembly lines and one centralized sub-assembly line for 14-liter, 19-liter, 38-liter, 50-liter, and 60-liter engines. The production lines are integrated with digitization, intelligence, and automation, which can effectively improve production efficiency.

   Meanwhile, 9 test rooms covering 11-72 liters for diesel and natural gas engine testing are set up, equipped with advanced hardware equipment and control system to provide solid and reliable quality assurance for the stable operation of customer's equipment.

Intelligent logistics, stable, accurate and fast distribution

   According to the international logistics industry, the logistics system is professionally planned and built, improved and upgraded in combination with the factory capacity and market demand, comprehensively optimized for storage, distribution and warehouse management, and adopts advanced automatic guided vehicle for distribution of materials, which is intelligent, efficient, convenient and fast, ensures that the distribution quantity, time and station are accurate, effectively reduces the labor intensity of employees and improves the distribution efficiency.

Innovative R&D and Green New Future

   The new High Horsepower Technology Center is the only organization in China that focuses on the R&D of high-horsepower engine technology. It has the ability to test the mechanical performance of the whole engine and parts, emission test, durability test, as well as the trial installation of new products and the modification of existing products.

   The test stand is equipped with a series of advanced equipments, and the emission equipment can meet the requirements of the non-road national stage 4 and the U.S. T4F non-road stage 4 emission regulations, and the AC power dynamometer with a maximum power of 3,000kW can convert the fuel consumed in the test process into electricity, which can help the factory to reduce carbon emissions and realize green development, and create the "core" quality with the strong strength of intellectual manufacturing.