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Continuous breakthrough leading the new trend! BYD's Commercial Vehicle Showcased at 2024 Beijing Roadshow

2024-06-04 17:41:27



   The 2024 Beijing International Commercial Vehicles and Components Exhibition and International Road Passenger and Freight Transportation Vehicles and Components Exhibition (referred to as "Road Transportation Vehicles Exhibition") was held on May 29-31 at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall).

Continuous breakthrough leading the new trend! BYD's Commercial Vehicle Showcased at 2024 Beijing Roadshow

   BYD Commercial Vehicle held the "Continuous Breakthrough, Leading the New Wave - BYD Pure Electric Bus e-Platform 3.0 and the First Bus Launch in China". Pure electric buses B10, B87, light trucks T5 series and quality saloons based on T5DM chassis were gathered at Booth A23 of E2 Hall, demonstrating BYD's all-round strengths in market insight, technological innovation and whole industry chain manufacturing, and meeting diversified needs of users with superior technology, excellent products and high quality services.

  Deep Self-Research Comprehensively Upgraded Bus e-Platform 3.0

   In this exhibition, BYD has released the bus e-platform 3.0 based on strong self-research and self-control capabilities. Li Peng, vice president of BYD Commercial Vehicle Research Institute, said, "Relying on the manufacturing capability of the whole industrial chain and the deep understanding of the whole vehicle and components, we have created the bus e-platform 3.0, which elevates the safety, high efficiency, and intelligence to a new height, and leads the new wave of bus electrification. "

   The platform's battery, motor, and electronic control system are fully upgraded to realize longer range with lower energy consumption. Battery, based on high-capacity, long blade core to create ultra-thin blade battery, improve space utilization at the same time with nine layers of protection, crushed, soaked in water and other multiple far more than the national standards of the test, casting a "safety fortress"; the use of CTC (Battery Chassis Integration and Fusion) technology not only reduces the weight of the entire vehicle, and enhance the stability of the vehicle, the 12m low-floor model battery full bottom, the electric control system. The 12m low-floor model has a maximum battery capacity of 425kWh, taking into account both range and safety. In terms of charging, the mass-produced dual-gun 500A charging program has a maximum charging power of 375kW.

   In terms of efficiency, the platform is the first 900V silicon carbide six-in-one electronic control system, reducing the weight of the electronic control by 22%. The flat-wire motor adopts 0.25mm ultra-thin silicon steel sheet, reducing energy consumption by more than 2%. Equipped with a new highly integrated thermal management system, the weight is reduced by 10% and the volume is reduced by 25%, while the waste heat recovery utilization rate reaches 65%, thus achieving energy coupling and recycling. In addition to safety and efficiency, the platform can also realize a variety of assisted driving functions and intelligent Internet fleet management functions, making driving control smarter and fleet management more efficient.

  Leading Quality with Newness The new B10 is re-released

   Based on Bus ePlatform 3.0, the first pure electric bus in China, the all-new B10, is an effective validation of the technology's implementation, realizing a comprehensive leap in vehicle quality, driving experience, operational efficiency, safety performance, etc., and adding another good product for the advancement of the new energy bus market.

   The new B10 is equipped with the bus e-platform 3.0 high-efficiency drive assembly, high-efficiency energy flow management technology and lightweight body technology, which reduces the energy consumption of the whole vehicle by 15%; the vehicle is based on the CTC technology, which improves the maneuverability by 20% and becomes the model with the highest lateral stability among the similar products in the industry; it is equipped with an independent suspension as standard, which reduces the turning radius by 8%, making the whole vehicle more flexible and adaptable to the road conditions; the B10 is 3160mm tall, which makes the similar products more flexible and adaptive to road conditions. The height of B10 is 3160mm, which is the lowest in the industry for similar products, and it can travel freely in culvert elevation; the battery of the whole vehicle is all arranged in the chassis, with 311kWh, and the passenger capacity is up to 95. In the driving area, it is the first vehicle in China to have a linkage instrument panel, and the position of the buttons can be flexibly adjusted to meet different driving needs; the full-channel low-floor is one-step, which enhances the convenience and comfort of the passengers.

   In addition to the B10, the pure electric bus B87 also appeared on the same stage, hand in hand to create a high-quality, safe daily commuting, comfortable driving services.

  Light Trucks Gather to Help "Smooth Flow of Goods" Fully Realized

   As a new generation of new energy logistics trucks, the T5 light truck series has been attracting a lot of attention since its release. Both models are equipped with high safety blade batteries, high-efficiency motors, highly integrated high and low-voltage electronic control systems and other core technologies, and are equipped with one-touch start, BSC braking, ESC, etc., realizing all-round upgrading of economy, reliability, convenience, comfort, intelligence, and sense of science and technology, and fully meeting the needs of city distribution and intercity commodity logistics transportation.

   Among them, T5DM is equipped with 1.5T hybrid engine with high efficiency, and its surging power is never afraid of steep slopes and sharp curves; the lightweight design of the whole vehicle is more load-bearing, and compared with the hybrid models of the same level, it can pull 300-400kg more; TCO calculates that it can save 27,000 yuan per year, which is recognized as a "money-making magic weapon". In addition, the T5DM chassis provides more customized services for the new energy RV market by virtue of its advantages of being born with electricity, energy-saving and high-efficiency, and triple anti-corrosion. At the same time, T5EV new "Pei Dao", battery power 94.3 degrees, range of 275 kilometers, higher energy, lower energy consumption to help the transport not only enjoy the city's new energy right of way policy, but also unlock more money-making scenarios. At present, the light truck T5 series products are being delivered all over the country, winning the trust of more and more users and providing strong support for the good development of the logistics field.

  BYD T5, B8 and B10 won the "New Energy Innovation Product" award.

   Green development is the background color of high-quality development. In the future, BYD will adhere to the innovation drive and use its high-quality bus and truck product matrix to gather the majestic force for green development of transportation and let its core technology benefit more users around the world.